Monday, 30 April 2012

Perky in pinky

Ooohh hopefully things are back to normal this week, and I can get back to blogging!! As I wasnt online much over the weekend, Ive had to run around this morning catching up on the weekend events/sales Ive missed!
Lazy sunday provided a gorgeous little cropped top from Hollipocket, and Ploom released new hair.
Zombie popcorn has a new collection out-I snapped up the nails that Virtual Insanity have there.

Hair - London @ Ploom -
Top - Under my umbrella @ Hollipocket -
Jeans -  Tyra @ Linc -
Shoes - Past group gift - N-Core -

Face tattoo - Von D make up @ - Addict -
Lip piercing - Sub Rosa @ Virtual Insanity -
Earrings - Crucifix earrings @ EY:NO -
Necklace - past hunt gift @ Barbie Bitch -

Tattoo - Mute me @  Virtual Insanity -
Bangles - French Quiss -
Nails - Basic pink nails @ Virtual Insanity -
Ring- Polka vintage rings by Virtual Insanity @ Zombie popcorn -

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fancy a quicky?

RL has been so busy lately, so I do apologise for the lack of posts these last few days. Im just going to do a quicky post, as I popped over to Grunge Soul Project and got some gorgeous Sticky fingers dresses and Ill be going back for some of the other goodies as soon as I can!!

Hair- Haley @ Ploom -
Dress - My Khaki Cardi Dress @ Sticky fingers @ GSP-
Belt - Sol Mix Belt - Earthstones -
Boots - Radical mesh boots @ Maitreya -

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Blue (not)suede shoes

OOOh a shoe sale at my favourite shoe store you say?  I must go I say......IF that is, I can get into the sim!!
Well with some perseverance I made it to the N-Core sale, and what a happy bunny I am. I think now I must have every colour shoe I could possibly need \o/
I have to say im my humble opinion N-Core is THE shoe shop of SL, gorgeous designs, perfect fitting, a skin control/pedicure hud-AND a nc with the codes of all the most popular skins, for simple pimples colour matching.
I bought 6 pairs today, and Im using one of em for todays bloggy, expect to see the others v soon!! Be sure to go and snap up all the others before the sale ends
The beautiful dress is from the gorgeous Plastik, I swear I couldnt love this store more, original stunning designs in truly luscious colours and fabrics...yummy!

Shoes - Poison @ N-Core -
Dress - Koahkuma @ Plastik -
Hair- Sage (streaked) @ Ploom -
Bangles - Lotus @ Mandala -
Makeup - Eyeshadow nacar @ Acid & Mala -
Lip piercing - Sub rosa @ Virtual Insanity -

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Green eyed monster

Green isnt a colour I normally embrace, but lately Ive really been drawn towards the emeralds, limes, and apple colours that are around.
This outfits top is meshy goodness and comes in a range of colours if green isnt your fave lol.
Omg... the eyeshadow I could wear forever-sooo pretty!!

Hair -  Shira (streaked) @ Ploom -
Eyeshadow - Ataciara @ Plastik -
Lip piercing - Working class hero @ Virtual Insanity -
Necklace - Chained cross @  [EY:NO] -
Tattoo (arms)- Mash up @ Para Designs -
Outfit (skirt & mesh top) - Print whore @ AlterEgo -
Leg tattoo - Geisha leg sleeve @ Para Designs -
Bracelets - Mess bangles @  [EY:NO] -
Rings - Crucifix @ [EY:NO] -
Nails - half flick @ Onyx Wear -

Friday, 20 April 2012

Lush leather

OMG! I love these leather pants from Maitreya, the detail is amazing, and the fit is perfect, theyre available in a few colours, so dont be surprised if I feature another pair soon!! Magika brought out 2 new hairs the other day, one Ive already featured, and this is the other....Im so loving Magika right now, its the only hair, along with Ploom Ive been wearing.

Hair - Remember @ Magika -
Eye makeup - Cats eyes @ Damned -
Top - Plaid be @ Hollipocket -
Pants - leather legging @ Maitreya -
Shoes - Ultraplatform @ N-Core -
Necklace and cross rings  - Crucifix @ EY:NO-
Rings - Silver rings @ Redmint -
Nails - Half flick @ Onyx Wear -
Cigarette Addict cig  - Virtual Insanity -
Piercing - Silver crux @ Virtual Insanity -

Tickled pink...and

I love all the zesty neon colours that are around now so Ive used a couple of them in todays bloggy.
As Im still on firestorm (for now) Im able to wear multiple tattoo layers, so the makeup in the pic is infact 2 different kinds. The eyeshadow comes with a very pale lipcolour, so Ive worn it with another lipstick over.

Hair - Safe @ Magika -
Eyeshadow - Neon neutrals @ Chelle -
Lipstick - Hot colours @ R.icielli -
Piercing - Continuity (colour change) @ Ellabella -
Knickers- My naughty neon panties @ Sticky fingers -
Nails - Half flick nails @  Onyx Wear -
Rings - Silver rings @  Redmint -
Belt - Chunky belt @ Pepper -
Jeans - Bright jeans @ Kennedy's -
Shoes - Temptation @ N-Core -

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Playing with Fire...storm

I started using Firestorm when it was thought that LL would stop the likes of Phoenix from running. Although it was hard to get used to (I hate change in my SL!!) I perservered and loved the benefits it gave. But when my laptop overheated and crashed because Firestorm made its CPU run at 100% I went back to Phoenix. Wondering WTF Id do if Phoenix was made redundant I started saving up for a kick ass Laptop made to my specs. (If ya wondering why I use a laptop when a desktop would be better and more powerful-the simple answer is, my family need the desktop for work/homework etc, add to that the time I spend in SL, it just wouldnt be fair to hog that computer all the time-so I have my own lappy)
Ive tentatively come back to Firestorm now, mainly because Ive been having horrible troubles with TP-ing inworld, and also, with the gorgeous meshness on offer now, I just have to have the ability to wear mulitple alpha layers. Lets see how things go.......

Hair  - Anywhere (mesh) @ Magika -
Top - City work mesh shirt in grey - Apple may -
Jeans - Mesh zipper skinny jeans in dirty @ Maitreya -
Shoes - Caresse in platine @ N-Core -
Nails- Black nails @ Virtual Insanity -
Rings - Silver rings @ Redmint -
Face piercing - Jam arc-en-el @ Acide -

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

All the rage

This outfit is a freeb from AlterEgo. You dont even have to be a VIP to get it - as its for everyone, to celebrate Toxx (the owner/designer) reaching 1000 views of her blog in 1 day - but I highly recommend paying the small fee to join the group, as the gifts, sales and promos are just too good to miss. Believe me, you'll be rewarded 1000 times over for paying that little fee :o)

The outfit includes all you see, plus Shadz sunnies seen in the pic below, and the t shirt in another 2 colours-white and grey.
Ive put on some knickers with this outfit, as Im not feeling all that brave today.

Outfit - All the rage @ AlterEgo -
Knickers - Famous panties @ Summers 5 & dime -
Hair - Dare trio @ Magika -

Spring has sprung

Spring has most definately sprung over on the Jersey shore sim, theres a wicked hunt on, full of spring inspired goodies for only 10L each. Look for the daffodils in all the stores with the sign outside. There isnt any hints, but honestly you really dont need any, the stores are small and the items easy to find, I whizzed around in next to no time \o/
Im showing 3 pics of the goodies you can find, but believe me, this is jus a very small portion of springy free goodness on offer :o)

Mesh top (one of two in the prize) - Sally top @ Nemezi
Jeans - Lacey bumbum jeans @ Hollipocket
Both at the Jersey shore sim hunt -

Hair- Tatum @ -
Shoes - Alex @  G-Field -

Top & shorts - blah BLAH blah
Mesh rings (& necklace not shown) - Izzies
Both at the Jersey shore sim hunt -

Hair- Scarlett2 @ -

Jeans & Top (prize has jeans in 3 colours) - Sakide @ jersey shore sim hunt -
Hair- Tatum @
Shoes - Alex @  G-Field -

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Funki Spunki

Oh I get a wave of excitement when one of my (many) fave hair stores bring out new hair. Especially when its a  new feature like this one!
A little while ago the members of Plooms VIP group were asked if we would be interested in dip dyed tips, I said yes, but I didnt know if there would be enough yesses to go ahead, until I saw Plooms release for the stumblebum...and when I did I got all squeally and excited! Its called Spunki and is available in the usual colour pack and a fat pack, but now theres a dip dyed pack too-6 colour tips for blonde and 6 for brown hair..oh and its mesh it!!
The outfit is a favourite from Alterego, one of my fave, fave clothes stores. It includes the fantastic trainers you see in the pic, and also 2 tops (black or white), the make-up and a belly tattoo (different from the one Im wearing in the pic) plus the armwarmers!! How cool is that?

Outfit - Urban days @ AlterEgo -
Earrings/necklace & rings - Crucifix set @ [EY-NO] -
Belly tattoo - Damned @ Damned -
Nails - French text stylish nails @ Virtual Insanity -
Face piercing - Lacie @  POM -

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Friday, 13 April 2012

Imma voodoo yo ass!!

Someone really pissed me off last night during my hosting set.....judging by the name hes just a drug addled dickhead with nothing else better to do. Anyway I got out my voodoo doll, made it this idiot, stuck pins in it, threw it on the floor and stamped on its head......there, all better :o)
Suicidal Unborn has a 24hr green sale, all green items are 50L. As green isnt my favourite colour in the world Id thought I wouldnt pick much wrong I was lol, this is just a couple

Hair - Bring it on! @ Exile -
Eyes - Reflection eyes @ Suicidal Unborn -
T shirt - The friday shirt @ Suicidal  Unborn -
Shorts - Rolled denim @ Paper.doll -
Chucks - Super high top chucks @ Kennedys -
Tattoo (arms) - Original sin @ Custom inkz -
Makeup - Part of a halloween  outfit @ Delirium -

Dress - Sucidal Unborn -
Hand plasters - Ouch @ Delirium -
Boots - Triumph boots @ Gos -
Tattoo (back of legs) - White trash @ Suicidal Unborn -
Hair - Whinxie @ Ploom -

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Pop goes the weasel

Omg this dress is hawt!! A gorgeous subscribo gift from Line. When I wear it out, Ill prolly throw a sexy lil cardi on over it, but for now, Im wearing it as it is :o) SmeXXXy!!

Dress - Weasel (GG) @ :::Line::: -
Boots - Prestige red suede @  Bax -
Hair -  Eva @ Catwa -
Rings & nails - Animals on the moon @ Mstyle -
Earrings - Obnoxious hoops @ Apple May -

Strawberries and cream

Ive been toying with the idea of changing my skin, something paler and just really different. Ploom have some beautiful skins, and Plastik too, but I got this skin as a group gift from Mynerva, and I think its absolutely beautiful. As its a complete change from what Im used to, Im just going to wear it, with certain looks for now. Like this look, a gorgeous strawberry and cream combo.

The skin is a preview of a new release called Milena Cream.

Skin - Group gift @ Mynerva -
Hair - Tangle @ Magika -
Dress - My Pink Lingerie Dress @ Sticky fingers -
Piercing - Lacie @ POM -

Shoes - Baby Ts plain @ Pixel Mode -

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


A friend has a name gesture for me that says "Brookie ya huge breasted superwoman" LOL, this goes back to a random and very funny conversation we had a long time ago, and he made the gesture. Everytime he uses it, it makes me LOL so when I saw this outfit, and had to get it.

Outfit - Supa -(includes top, skirt stockings & arm tape) - AlterEgo -
Boots - Radical - Maitreya -
Hair -  Tilly -Truth -
Pistol garter - LouLou -

Wear grey for a day!

As you've probably heard, theres a wicked event going on now, to raise awareness for the American Brain Tumour Association. Its called Wear grey For A Day, and tons of designers have come together offering loads of goodies and giving proceeds of selected items to the charity. Theres also a hunt on, look for the little black brains in selected stores (hunt contributors have signs) and buy each for 10L.
Shopping for a good cause, what could be better?

Scuse the white bits on the shoes in this pic, its an SL glitch, the shoes are wicked. SL just likes to give my shoes an alpha strobe show every now and again...thanks for that

Dress/socks/shoes - Kennedy's @ wear grey -
Hair - Magika -

This top needs a bit of editing, but its completely mod, so you can edit linked parts to accomodate your boobies, a little bit of effort for a great result

Top - Plastik @ wear grey -
Leggings - Iren (hunt item) @ wear grey -
Shoes - Sakide -
Hair - Ploom -
Gloves - LouLou -

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Oooo too cute!! I got dimples!!!

Well..Ive had these gorgeous little things sitting in my inv for a while, Id thought the name "Dimples" had meant face piercings, but it didnt, these dimples are a tattoo layer..  Lazy of me not to have not tried em earlier, I know, but with 47,000+  items in my inv Im sure theres a hella lot more stuff lurkin in there I dont know about...(thats not me boasting BTW-most of it is hunt shite Ive never even opened!....or copies...)
Anyhoo I wore em today, OMG Im so lovin em, and when I added piercings... Lordy this is gonna be another of my daily staples deffo!!

No dimples:::

With dimples::

Dimples with dimple piercings::

Mhmm, me likin..a lot \o/
The piercing took a bit of editing, but as long as these things are mod, so that ya can edit linked parts, its so not a prob..happy days

Dimples- Kennedy's -
Piercing - POM -
Hair - Magika -


......but it made me lol :o)

[15:06]  Pℯα: lmao..i dare do no other!!
[15:07]  Broo : hahah \oo/ my work here is done
[15:07]  Broo : oh lord
[15:07]  Broo : sorry
[15:08]  Broo : rofling
[15:08]  Broo : why did i do a topless yay?
[15:08]  Pℯα : lmao lmao lmao is that my reward?? a flash?
[15:09]  Broo : hahahahahah yes!! \oo/......./oo\.......\oo/.....thats a sexy dance babe, jus for you!!
[15:09]  Pℯα : hahahahaahahahahahaha lawdy.......looks through my fingers
[15:09]  Broo: hahah see, ya gotta get a look at the goodies
[15:09]  Pℯα : im gonna pee my pants any second now.......brb

Thankies and spankies Maya

A couple lil pics by the gorgeous Miss Wetherbooby..AKA Maya Wetherby. She posted it to FB..and sent me the link, cos she knows im the worlds worst FBer..seriously im so crap its scary.
Taken in Papas Beach Club, I was hostin Bono G-Spot, if ya havent heard him, seriously ya so gotta, he fuckin rawks. The sexy ass next to me is Kyra, she always looks smokin, shes one sexy lil minx for sure

Erm, as far as i know, ive blogged everythin before, except for the dress, soooooo......

Dress-Crush -

Monday, 9 April 2012

I heart Skellingtons!!

Skellingtons tattoo, and skellingtons necklace makes me a very happy bunny :o)

Im lovin this outfit I found at AlterEgo, its both sexy and edgy, without being too tarty.
I love red and black together, but its available in a host of other colours too.
The hairs is the group gift from Truth as weve already seen. Everybody seems to be clambouring for it :o)

Outfit - AlterEgo -
Boots - Maitreya -
Tattoo- Custom Inkz -

Hair -
Earrings/Necklace - LouLou -
Eye Makeup - Acid & Mala -

Nautical but nice

Todays theme is nautical. Not because Id planned it, but because I went to the Collabor88 event today and picked up some really nice nautical themed goodies.
Collabor88 is a monthly event that from the 8th of the month where some of the best SL creators & designers get together to bring us some brilliant bargains, if you havent been yet, I highly recommend it. The collection is updated every 8th of each month.
Theres tons of goodness here this month, poses, props, furniture, skyboxes, shoes, clothes, skins....the list goes on

Top- Kyoot
Jeans- Kyoot
Parasol (with poses) - Lisp
All @ Collabor88 -

Shoes - (Past group gift)  N-Core -

Sunglasses - (Yummy)
Cigarette & holder/Earrings/Bracelets - The seahole
All @ Collabor88 -

Hair-Subscriber gift @ Truth -

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Good bunneh gone bad.......Happy Easter!!

For todays blog, I was planning on wearing my cute pink easter bunny outfit, but then Sakide went and put a hawt black one out in a hunt at the Depraved Nation sim, so I just had to write about that one too!

So here we go, a good bunneh look, and a slighty naughty one :o)

The good first...
The ears and tail were a gift/hunt from Sakide last year so nah nah you cant get hold of these exact ones anymore, but theres tons on MP and inworld now.
The outfit and makeup were bought on Marketplace so Ive supplied those links.

Hair- Raspberry Aristocrat -
Outfit -
Makeup -
Boots - Bax -

Now the Bad Bunneh....
Look for the black eggs at Depraved nation, theres tons of goodies to be had, all priced from 1L to 10L, this outfit comes in 3 eggs
Ive modded the tail to pink so it shows up in the pic
The hair is an exclusive colour as a gift to Magika subscribers, I normally only wear blonde hair, but I love this colour and think it really works

Im not telling you where the eggs for this outfit are, you have to find them, but ill give you the Sakide hints that I was given.....
1. Where am i o.o ?
2. Loulou, Loulou ? Yes it’s me.
3. Everyone needs some Insanity, even a Virtual one


Outfit - Sakide @  Depraved nation hunt -
Hair - Magika subscriber gift - Magika -
Boots - Bax -

Happy Easter peeps <3

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Teacher...leave those kids alone....

Oh I love these shoes...18 texture change options, and soooo very reasonably priced.
The hair is from a little store I havent been to in yonks, but they have such cute hair ill deffo be going back.

Hair - Raspberry aristocrat -
Glasses - Acid & Mala -
Open top - Kennedy's -
Bra - (From an outfit) MP-
Skirt - Sakide -
Shoes/socks - Maai -


Ugh Omg, ya know when ya have one of those days, where everythin goes tits up? Well I had one today, felt like tellin the world to fuck off! But i never....nor did I go shopping, todays outfit is stuff Ive had already/bought recently..still looks hawt tho lololol

Anyway todays outfit, working down -
Hair - Exile -
Earring - LouLou -
Open top - Kennedy's -
Bra - (Part of an outfit) Marketplace link-
Jeans - Linc -
Boots - Maitreya -

Belly Piercing -
Jamman @ XYRoom -
Belt - Apple may -
Ring on right hand - Mons -
Bangle on left arm - P!nk Inc -
Ring on left hand - LaGyo -

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Im in lurveeee.....

......with these pants!! OMG I love love LOVE these mesh jeans from Spirit store, I really dont think im gonna take em off. The jeans are unisex and come in the usual standard sizes. Spirit is one of the great stores really embracing the mesh, and has loads of meshy goodness to grab.
The top is by Retro' at the Private Room event. This is an event deffo worth LM-ing as ive never walked (or TP-ed) outta there with nothing.

Meshy jeans - Spirit store -
Top - Retro' @ Private room -
Knickers - Sticky fingers -
Shoes - N-Core -
Hair - Wasabi pills -
Rings/nails - Virtual Insanity -
Tattoo - Para -

Monday, 2 April 2012

Bye bye fashionably late! :o(

OMG What is happening? First it was La Venta closing, now its fashionably late *sadface*  Only heard the news today so off I toddled to see what goodies I could grab while I still can! The CHIC sim is closing in a few days so be quick if ya wanna head over.  As usual it didnt disappoint, first up was a gorgeous mesh cardi, in an array of colours, I grabbed the grey but im going back to snap up a few of the other colours!!

Cardi - ISON @ Fashionably late -
Hair - Yunas -
Undies - Boom -
Feet - N-Core -

Secondly is a dress by Crash Republic.  Now, sadly, the dress was supposed to come with a pale blue mesh belt, but Id not received it, and at the time of writing, I hadnt heard back from the creator. Soooo Ive had to style it a little differently than how I was going to. Happily the creator after receiving a nc I sent,  sent a fat pack of the mesh belts, which in my opinion is wickedly kind, and brilliant customer service, so big thanks to Isabelle :o)

Dress - Crash Republic @ Fashionably late-
Belt - Earthstones -
Boots - Maitreya -
Hair - Lamb -

I was dragged off to party after Id bought these items but believe me, theres tons and tons of goodies to be had, so get ya arses there quick, before fashionably late is closed for good!!