Thursday, 31 May 2012

şєт Μє Ŧrєє

Ugh OMG so RL has completely spanked my ass, its jus been one thing after another after another. So Im sorry, this is yesterdays blog, posted today :o/ And Ive only just been able to get online today too, cos RL just keeps those teeth chompin at mah ass!!!
Sooo the dress is another stunner from  Forever young, and was discounted for Grenede free wednesday, but if ya quick, ya may be able to grab it still discounted!! TBH, even its its not discounted, its jus so summery hawt, its well worth picking up.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

ρђυик Μє

Ohh I do love new shopping events!! And this, my friends is a goodun!! Its called Phunkdaphashion  it takes place on the Hollyweird fashion district sim.
Theres seriously loads of bargains to be had, everythings under 90L. Im featuring just a few.
The event runs from May 31st - June 1st, so be quick and snap up all of the goodies on offer!!

 Complete outfit (Top/jeans/armbands/belt/hooves) - Dont stop by BTS @ Phunkdaphashion
                                                        Hair - Cate @ Truth

   Outfit ( Top & jeans) - Spring fling by Sweet intoxication @  Phunkdaphashion
                                                       Boots - Bax prestige @ Bax

Tank - Epic racer tank by [trs] @ Phunkdaphashion
Mesh jeans - Denim mesh pants by FBD @ Phunkdaphashion
Belt- Chunky belt @ Pepper
Shoes - Caresse @ N-Core

Panties & tank set - Im sweet Tee & panties by 1.Hundred @ Phunkdaphashion

Monday, 28 May 2012

βєℓт υρ

Lol, any girl over the age of...... sayyyy......oh any girl..., has heard these words on more than a million occasions:: "Is that a skirt or a belt you're wearing?" Any of us with daughters now, are saying exactly the same thing, but hey ho, in SL its safe and dont need to worry about em, or us, gettin the last bus home, right?

So this is my homage to the we call em now... or skirts as we used to call em :P~~~

Hair - Aria @ Ploom
Top - Lea @ Paper.doll
Skirt - (or belt lol) - Itty bitty mini @ L'exception
Knickers/panties - My naughty neon panties @ Sexy things (Gift)
Belly tattoo - Dirteh tatts @ Hollipocket
Necklace - (part of the Demon hunter outfit) @ Twisted & spoiled
Nails/rings - Flowerskully nails @ [EY:NO]
Bangles - Bishes bangles @ Bishes Inc

All belly tatts @ Hollipocket
All skirts/belts @  L'exception
All knickers/panties - Sexy things


Todays post is a quicky, as RL is mega busy right now, but Im hoping all will be back to normal tomorrow. This outfit is mostly made from free, can you believe that?  The mesh smoking suit is from Sakide, and is a midnight mania board giftie. The hair is called Jessie, and is a subscriber gift from Truth, soooo all in all a very cheap outfit!! \o/

Saturday, 26 May 2012

βαrβιє- ɡirŁ

I was wondering round the grid, looking admittedly a tad girly...but minding my own business, when a couple girls -on voice -  (prolly cos it cant be pasted and reported... lmfao) - started uhmmm how shall we put....uhmmm...bahaving like cheerleaders?...Or.... well..... acting like total Bitches, calling names and giving it loads...mhm prolly 17 stone heffers, cant move from the house without help..but anyhoo, it reminded me of a wicked cute outfit I got as a freeb from the mighty AlterEgo, sooo I thought Id give a shout out to the heffers from the "Brit Barbie"..Thanks for the inspiration Nasties!! ..LMFAO!!!

  • Complete outfit (including boots) - Barbiedoll @  AlterEgo
  • Hair - Daisy @ LeLutka
  • Earrings - Featherweight  @ Yummy
  • Gloves/bracelets - Enigma @ LouLou


I know its saturday, but when I logged in, I had received a notice about a wicked new event called Fable Fridays. All items are on offer for 50L which is good news for the bargain hunters among us! Im mega happy more weekly events are opening up, as lately we have lost some of the best, Fifty linden friday, Super bargain saturday, and Project Theomery have all left us in recent weeks *super-sad-face*
This is Sakides offering, the Henna top, which is available in 4 colours \o/ Gorgeous meshy madness.

  • Top - Henna @ Sakide
  • Skirt -  Zipped mini @ Sakide
  • Shoes - Eternity @ N-Core
  • Choker - Enigma @ LouLou
  • Gloves/bangles - Enigma @ LouLou
  • Earrings - Featherweight earrings @ Yummy
  • Hair - Chiharu @ D!va

Friday, 25 May 2012

нєяє ¢σмєş тђє şυи

Woohoooo!!! here in the UK we are experiencing a very rare heatwave!! (Hence the lack of posts these last couple days). Its been just lovely, the sun is shining, and were all walking round like half cooked lobsters, lighting B-B-Qs, buying beers & aftersun, and just cursing the Lord for our pale english skin (well at least thats wot IM doing!)
When we have extreme weather (be it freezing cold in winter or blisteringly hot in summer) in RL, it tends to reflect in my SL, so todays blog is dedicated to the gorgeous happy sunshiney weather, and long may it continue!!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

яσα∂ тяιρ

I used to lurve the Floyd, so when I saw this mesh Tshirt as part of the Grenade free wednesday, I snapped it up :o)
The car is also on offer by Sparrow tree poses as part of the same event on the jersey shore sim.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

βυttєr Μє υρ

Neutrally delicious :o) Simple, girly and so cute!!

Monday, 21 May 2012

ѕтσρ ğαωкίиց αŧ ოє

I popped over to Culture shock today, to pick up the bits I missed when I was being swallowed up by lag. I dunno how I missed Gawks goodies, but Ive got em now, and then some!

  • Hair - Baileys @ LoQ
  • Arm cuffs - Fall @ LouLou
  • Freckles - Ataciara makeups @ Plastik

σђ мч ցσŧђ

Woot!! A new event!! This ones called The world goth fair and its got loadsa goodies for the darker among us :o)
|I fell in lurve with this mesh corset, I'm gonna go back for the other colours, and the gloves Ive been searching SL for! I managed to get the fatpack in the gatcha machine at Sakides stall! Guess how happy I was? I'll give ya a clue...It begins with V and ends with Y!!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

ςαи∂ч Ğíяℓ

Just before I logged for the day, I heard a whisper of a new Fashion Cache collection, so of course I had to investigate! And glad I am, as I picked up lotsa goodies!!
Shown are a wicked mesh mickey mouse (I so loves him!) top,  and sexy ultra tight skinnies from kennedy's \o/
A quick post, but a cute one, no?

Top - Mickey loose tank @ The fashion cache
Jeans - Jeans bright yellow by Kennedy's @ The fashion cache
Hair - Kannibal @  Raw house
Earrings - Doublering earrings  @ :::Line:::
Choker - Diamond bow collar @ Needful things
Bangles - Bishes bangels -rainbow @ Bishes Inc
Nails/rings - Sugar cat nails @ Mons
Belt - Chunky belt-red @  Pepper

Ăиíოαℓ íиѕτιи¢τ

Lazy sunday today, was all about the mesh, and Plastik had 2 wicked offerings this week \o/
These were 2 packs of 2 dresses. I bought both packs, and didnt know which dress to blog, so Ive shown one dress outta each pack :o)  Theyre called the Anima dress, the colours and textures are so lush.  The first one, is the Birch dress, which comes in a pack with a black sequined dress.

The second pack includes this dress and another darker colour. The dresses are a pre-release and I know that when the main release comes out, its gonna include a zillion different colours and patterns, cos thats what Plastik do best - I cant wait!

  • Dress - Anima (braided) @ Plastik
  • Hair - Seffy @ Ploom
  • Earrings & ring (left hand) - Cats love @ Virtual Insanity
  • Ring (right hand) - Sakura ring @ [EY:NO]
  • Nails - Classic nails-spring/summer @ Izzies (for lazy sunday)
  • Tattoo - Stars & swallows @  Para Designs 

яσ¢к ωίtђ Μє

The sexy little dress and a leather jacket make a wicked combo, and this you dont get much sexier than these dresses from Sexy Things :o) You might have heard that the store Sticky fingers closed, well the creator from Sticky fingers has a new store called, yes you guessed it, Sexy things!! Theres all the goodies from Sticky fingers, and a lot more \o/
The jacket is an old staple of mine, from Acid & Mala, it comes in 3 versions, a full sleeve, a rolled sleeve and a waistcoat/vest version.

  • Hair - Telephone @ Ploom
  • Eyes - Big black eyes @ Rozena
  • Earrings - Hyperion @ LouLou
  • Gloves/bracelets - Enigma @ LouLou
  • Mouth piercing  - Weakness @ Pekka

Saturday, 19 May 2012

ωє∂∂ιиց βєŁŁєѕ

I went to a wedding last night, and it was just gorgeous. The bride looked stunning, and even tho, just as she was about to come down the aisle, SL decided to do a region restart, the ceremony was lovely. I had to log just after the ceremony, but Im glad I stayed up to see the marriage, I love SL weddings, and I just wanna say a heartfelt Congratualtions to the Bride & Groom.
This is the outfit I wore. Its as formal as I get lol!

  • Dress - Torch song @ (2chez)
  • Hair - TUN247 @ BooN
  • Hairbase (must be worn with this hair) Raised gathered hairbase @ BooN
  • Earrings - Hyperion @ LouLou
  • Choker - Hesperide @ LouLou
  • Gloves - Lolita @ LouLou
  • Bracelets - Like a prayer @ Virtual Insanity

ŚŁυяρլє tђє ρυяρլє

Plastik have more brilliance out! Theyre called the romanov tops, and are pure meshy goodness. Available in the standard sizes, but in a zillion different colourways, you're gonna be stood there for ages deciding what packs to get ;o)  Each pack has 3 differnt patterns, but I dunno if that helps the decision process!
Ive a new skin too, this one has such a pretty face, I love it and will be alternating between this, and my usual skin. Its called Cuatro and is available in 3 shades, all so pretty. Im wearing this skin with my own shape, but Im going to be playing around with skins/shapes in future, its so much fun! Ive made sure to wear my hair off my face, so that the facial features are shown.

Top - The Romanov tops @ The Plastik
Jeans - Unbuttoned leather corset jeans @ Sakide
Boots - Euphoria @ N-Core
Tattoo - Leopard spots @ Pekka
Bangles - Bishes bangles @ Bishes Inc
Ring - Shield ring @ LaGyo
Gloves - Lolita @ LouLou
Nails/rings - Purple Craze @ Virtual Insanity

Skin - Cuatro skin tan @ !nfluence
Hair - Pam @ LeLutka
Mouth piercing - Weakness @ Pekka
Earrings - Cats love @ Virtual Insanity

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

βŁα¢ƙ ωί∂σω

Another wicked outfit fromAlterEgo, simple, but sooo hawt. The boots are from N-Core and have colour change socks and leg ties, I dont wear them nearly enough-something I plan on changing!

Hair - Secret @ Abyss -
Outfit ( Top/skirt/stockings/tummy tattoo) - Lose yourself @ AlterEgo -
Boots - Euphoria @ N-Core -
Earrings/necklace - Chained cross @ [EY:NO] -
Mouth piercing - Weakness @ Pekka -
Cigarette/armband- Addict set @ Virtual Insanity -
Gloves - Lolita @ LouLou -
Bangles - Bishes bangles @ Bishes Inc -
Belt- Bite me belt @ Delirium -
Leg strap - A small cutting garter @ LouLou -
Body tattoo - Leopard spots @ Pekka -
Nails- Black nails @ Virtual Insanity -
Ring (left hand) - Sheild ring @ LaGyo -

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

'єŁŁσ şαίŁσя

Perfect wardrobe has a new collection, and its all retro pin up chic! Gorgeous! Theres tons of goodies to be had, everythin from clothes to poses \o/

Earrings/necklace - Pin up jewellry by Bens Beauty
Skirt/top - Sailor doll by Belote
Nails - Pin up nails by Virtual Insanity
All @ Perfect wardrobe -
Hair - Locked by Elikatira -
Tattoo (arms) - No longer available-sorry!!
Tattoo (leg) - Bang bang by Artilleri -
Shoes - Ultra platform by N-Core -

Monday, 14 May 2012

Ğ๏ ђ๏Μє

Theres a new collection at the designer circle, if you havent been yet, its deffo worth a visit, theres a few nice goodies to be had! I love these worn jeans and sexy little top by Kennedy's, I think I may have to go to the mainstore and grab the other colours :D

Top - Tied tube top
Jeans - Worn to shit jeans
Both by Kennedy's @ The designer circle -
Hair - Iekelene @ 99 Elephants -
Earrings - Chained cross @ [EY:NO] -
Cigarette - Lucky stroke @ Virtual Insanity -
Tattoo (upper body) - Original Sin @ Custom Inkz -
Bangles - Leather cuffs (rings & skull) @ CuCa -
Rings - Heavy cross @ Virtual Insanity -
Nails - Black nails @ Virtual Insanity -


Sunday, 13 May 2012

∂σиτ ¢αℓℓ Μє ßιt¢ђ

Omg this look rocks!!! That is all I have to say :o)

•  Bra - Lingerie girlie @ The death -
•  Shorts - Vintage jeans-bitch @ The Whore Mansion -
•  Fishnets - Fishnets wide @ Erratic  -
•  Shoes - Ultra platforms @ N-Core -

Saturday, 12 May 2012

ρυяρլє ρ๏ωєя

Theres a fair going on right now called the Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Fair. It isnt a fundraiser, but its aim is to raise awareness of fibromyalgia in the Second Life community. Theres events going on, shopping to be done, and freebies to be had!! So grab a friend, pop over, grab some freebies and make a donation!!
Check out the schedule of the event with Fishing Tournaments, Live Djs and stuff!    
Read more about Fibromyalgia here

These are a couple of the freebies that are to be had :o) Sakide have 2 styles of mesh dresses in a few different colours.... and Virtual Insanity have wicked nails but dont forget that donation!!
Dress- Taffeta mesh dress - sakide @ Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Fair -
Shoes - Temptation @ N-Core -

Nails- Fibro nails - Virtual Insanity @ Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Fair -
Bangles - Bishes bangles @ Bishes Inc -
Tattoo - My spring- Sweet sin @ Private room -
Earrings - Crazy Coco @ LouLou -
Face tattoo - Olympus @ LouLou -

Friday, 11 May 2012


I havent done a beachwear blog yet, I figured Id do it now as I got some super hawt bikinis from a wicked new (to me) store called Bishes Inc. These sexy bikinis are double layered-so they stop that just-got-out-the sea-smuggling-peanuts look, and theyre sexy, but cover all ya jiggly bits!!
If ya looking for cheap sunnies head over to Kennedy's, these ones are wicked, and such a steal!!
Improptu beach party anyone??........

Bikini - Bikini hot pink & black @ The Bishes Inc -
Sunglasses - Kennedys's sunglasses pink @ Kennedy's -
Bangles - Bishes bangle @ The Bishes Inc -
Bangle (top of arm) - Mess bangles @ [EY:NO] -
Dimples - Dimples @ Kennedy's -
Tattoo - Cherry blossom @ Para -
Hair - Andarial Roots Ed @ Magika -
Rings - Silver rings @ Red Mint -
Belly piercing - Store vanished off the face of SL-sorry!!!

And if ya wondering what to wear on ya feet at a beachparty...well may i suggest...erm feet!!?!!! These ones from the mighty N-Core are the best Ive found.
Bare feet @ N-Core -

This is me as the sun goes down......2 mins later I was found with my head over the side of the boat trying to communicate with the fishes...yeps thats mah story...Im stickin to it..I was NOT being sick OK??

ოσиσ¢ђгσოє ოα∂иєѕѕ

I love monochrome, its super easy to match, looks wicked and suits most peeps :o)

Hair - Siren @ Shag -

Top - Envious top
Skirt, tights & suspender stockings - taken from the *Hoe no you didnt* oufit
Both AlterEgo -

Boots - Aphrodite boots @ P10 -

Bracelets - (past hunt gift) -
Earrings - Hesperide -
Arm cuffs - Myrtil -
All @ LouLou -

Rings  - RedMint -
Nails - Half-flick @ Onyx wear -
Arm tattoo - Henna @ Para -

Thursday, 10 May 2012

ђєανч Μєταℓ

Lots of metalwork today, which Im loving. The dress is a sexy little meshy number from Apple may, and my faithful Bax's to finish the look :o)

Earrings (side of face) - Tour of ears-
Earrings - Hesperide -
Choker - Broken heart -
Arm cuffs - Myrtil -
All @ LouLou -

Ring/bracelet (left hand) - Victoria bracelet @ Manna -
Ring ( right hand) - Shield ring @  LaGyo -
Bangle ( right hand) - The bishes inc @  private room -
Nails - Half-flick nails @ Onyx wear -

Dress - Danni @ Apple May -
Boots - Black leather prestige @ Bax -
Hair - YNO421 @ BooN-
Tattoo - My spring 3 - Sweet sin @ Private room -

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

мч ςђєςкєяє∂ ραѕт

OOh this is one of those times, when I make an outfit from stuff Ive had in my inv for moons-without looking like Ive got dressed at a jumble sale lol
Only the hair is new, but thats allowed cos its hair, k? K!
.......Oh and the ass tattoo is new, but erm...... thats allowed too....... cos its... erm.....oh just cos!!

Hair - YN0421 @ Boon -
Top - Plaid be @ Holli pocket -
Jeans - Low unbuttoned jeans @ Sakide -
Shoes - Caresse @ N-Core -

Piercing- Lacie @ POM -
Earrings/choker - Hesperide @ LouLou -

Tattoo (arms/upper back/chest) - Original sin @ Custom inkz -
Tattoo (ass) - Rawwr @ [EY:NO] -
Nails/rings - Asia @ Virtual Insanity -
Gloves- Lolita @ LouLou-
Bracelets - Mess @ [EY:NO] -

Łσ¢кє∂ υρ

I heard about another shopping event yesterday called The fashion cache, I snapped up this sexy lil number, some poses and theres also a pose gift if you subscribe.
Off I went back home and before I could even get the dress on, SL logged me out and wouldnt let me back in-grrrr. Seems to be a frequent event now, LL really need to get a grip, update the servers or WTF ever they need to do :o/
Ok so rant over, heres the info...

Dress - My polka dot cami dress - Poor Intentions @ The fashion cache -
Hair- Telephone @ Ploom -
Gloves - Lolita @ LouLou -
Nails/rings - Asia @ Virtual Insanity -
Shoes - Obsession @ N-Core -

Running mascara makeup -Runny mascara @ dirty.little.secret -
Earrings/necklace-  Hesperide @ LouLou -
Cigarette - Addict @ Virtual Insanity -