Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!!!

I just want to take a few minutes to wish everyone - readers, and sponsors  a happy and healthy 2013.
I truly hope 2013 is a fantastic year for all. Personally 2012 hasn't been the greatest year, so Im very much looking forward to bringing the new year in with a bang :o)
Depending how drunk I get tonight (lmao, its true Im such a lightweight!), I may not be able to post tomorrow, but Ill be back on the 2nd definately, with news of the new round of Bewbaapalooza, and GFW.

In the meantime Peeps - HAPPY NEW YEAR - CHEERS!! 

Hair - Manon - Type AD!va 
Dress - My provocative Dress - BlackBoobieLicious 
Necklace - Feel it necklace - BlackBens beauty 
Bangles - Mess bangles - Silver [EY:NO] 
Rings - Melissa rings - Black leatherBens beauty 
Shoes - Emporium - BlackN - Core 

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Cross my palm with silver?

Hello Lovelies!!

The CleaVage sim is now open!! A whole sim dedicated to the wonder that is breasts \o/

For me, this is like the starter before the main course. The main course being a new round of Bewbapalooza, which (squeels in excitement) opens on the 2nd jan!!! \o/ I cant wait!!

But for now, lets concentrate on the Cleavage yes? Eyes down, as they say lol.

Pink sugar has a pack of 2 gorgeous items out for the CleaVage opening, consisting of  2 flowing skirts and 2 crop tops, with a flower headband (not shown) and a flying butterfly (that took me ages to get in the pics!! well, 2 pics, the lil fker didnt want to be captured for the first pic). Both skirts are in lush tie dyed colours, Im showing the purple here, the other is a pinky mix one. I wrestled with myself which colour to show, as I wanted to do a lil something different with this post I couldnt show em both, well I could, but Im not keen on getting dressed in public places, even if its only pixels I might expose! (Seriously, Im not kiddin lol)

Hair - Amelie - GingerbreadWasabi Pills 
Cross piercing - Bendiction - Simple @ Ella Bella  (GG)
Lip/eye piercing - Dramatic piercing - Silver [EY:NO] 
Outfit - Foxy ladyPink Sugar at CleaVage 
Rings - Melissa rings - Purple leatherBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - French Mstyle 
Bangles - Mess bangles - Silver[EY:NO] 
Feet - Bare feetN - Core 

Sugar Bon-bons

Ello Loves!!

I picked up this (OMG- adorbs!) dress late last night, I love it. Its by Candydoll and  atm its available in 8 (If I remember correctly) designs, but once this round is done there will be more in the Candydoll mainstore \o/ I love this one, but I did stand infront of the vendor for half hr deciding which one to buy :o/

Hair - Chynna w/roots - BarbieTruth 
Cross piercing - Benediction - SimpleEllaBella 
Eye/mouth piercing - Dramatic - Silver[EY:NO] 
Dress - Bonbon dress - RoseCandydoll at the Boobies show 
Tattoo - Far east tattoo - FreshTenjin 
Butt piercing - Dermal spike implantsPuncture
Rings - Melissa - Pink leatherBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - FrenchMstyle 
Shoes - Shark - WhiteN - Core 

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Red Devil

Ello Lovelies!!

For todays post, I have a gorgeous cocktail dress, perfect for New years parties.
Dressed up with heels, and pretty hair, or given an edge with Doc Martins and tattoos, these dresses are sooo cute. They are available in 7 colours, and come with appliers for original appliers and tango mesh bewbs.

Hair - Fluster - DippedPloom 
Lip/eye piercing - Dramatic piercing - Silver[EY:NO] 
Forehead piercing - Benediction piercing @ EllaBella  (GG)
Tattoo - Passion - FreshTenjin 
Necklace - Dulce MuerteLouLou 
Dress - My cocktail gown - RedBooieLicious 
Gloves/bracelets - Dulce Muerte @ LouLou 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - BlackMstyle 
Cut knees - Bloody knees - 04Suicidal Unborn 
Boots - Triumph boots - Worn [GoS] 

Friday, 28 December 2012

Singin' the blues

Ugghhh I so need to find a new system :o/ I totally forgot to show this smokin lil bodysuit from Boobilicious - I know- how could I forget right? Its soooo hawt!
Anyway theres 6 colours to choose from and all are available at the boobieshow (I was wandering round there and saw em, thats what reminded me, sometimes my blonde-ness scares me,  it scares me even more cos Im not blonde in RL, so I have no excuse) anyway, here ya are, enjoy :D
Oh, also, Boobielicious has some smokin dresses out at Boobieshow too, but Im savin that post for new years eve ;o)

Hair - Gigi - DippedPloom 
Piercing - Dramatic piercing - Silver[EY:NO] 
Outfit - My sexy blouse - BlueBoobielicious at The Boobieshow 
Necklace - Feel it necklace - BlackBens beauty at Fi*Fridays 
Gloves - Lace shorty gloves - BlackHollipocket 
Nails - Long nails - V2 -  Surf with me - Ombre pack 2 Mstyle 
Stockings - Ripped stockings - BlackErratic 
Leg strap - Heavy cross leg beltVirtual/Insanity 
Shoes - Zen - Pastel blueN - Core 

Loved up

Ello Peeps!

I have newness from [QE] for you today.. . . . .  A trio of goodies: Tops, skirts and bootehs \o/
The tops come with appliers for Lolas 2.5, Tango mesh, and Lush bewbs.
The skirts are mesh, and come in 5 sizes.
The warmy boots are unrigged mesh, are mod ok, and come with 3 inner colours.

Hair - LiqueurLoQ at TDR Fusion 
Piercing - Dramatic piercing - Silver[EY:NO] 
Necklaces - Feel it necklaces - Black & BronzeBens beauty at Fi*Fridays 
Tattoos ::
Arm tattoo - Violet hill - Fresh 
Belly tattoo - Butterfly party - Fresh 
Both @ Tenjin
Nails ::
Black - Long nails - Classic - Black 
Brown - Long nails - Elegant colours (Tex change) 
Both @  Mstyle 
Rings ::
Butterfly ring - BlackBens beauty 
Dragonfly rings - Bronze[EY:NO] 
Outfits - 
Skirts - Suede Ruffle skirts - Black & Brown   
Tops - Cashmere crops - Blue & Pink 
Boots - Emmz boots - Black & Brown 
All @ [QE] Designs
Tights - Teeny tighty - Solid - Coal @ Hollipocket 

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hug a hoody

Soo last post of the day methinks, but I hope Ill be able to do more tomorrow, Ive got lots screaming at me to show you, but RL screaming too, so we shall see lol
The hoody in this piccy are available in a range of gorgeous colours, and include Original prim bewb appliers, Tango mesh appliers are available seperately.
The tights are wicked, ultra low to wear with low skirts and come in soooooo many pretty girly colours/designs. Some are sheer, and some solid, so can be worn as leggings - yay!
The necklace comes in 5 metals, and will be available at Fi*Fridays from tomorrow, each necklace is 55L - bargain \o/

Hair - Kinsly  - Candy pack (with coontails)Ploom 
Earrings - Combo earring set - Silver[EY:NO] 
Piercing - Dramatic piercing - Silver  @ [EY:NO] 
Necklace - Feel it necklace - SilverBens beauty at Fi*Fridays 
Hoody - Hoody tees - Print roseHollipocket 
Nails - Perfect long nails - FrenchMstyle 
Rings - Melissa rings - Pink leatherBens beauty 
Tights - Teeny tighty - Love - Light pinkHollipocket 
Skirt - Itty bitty mini - WhiteL'exception 
Boots - Huggies - Wooly whiteBishes Inc 

Lush in lace

New hawtness from Rack city girls, and these lil lovelies are on fire! They're called (very aptly) Sexy and I know it, and come in 8 colours. Each set includes the hotpants, tops and appliers for both Tango mesh bewbs and Original prim bewbs.

Hair - Flip - Indecisive packPloom 
Earrings - Combo earring set - Silver[EY:NO] 
Outfits - Sexy and I know itRack city 
Belly chain - Body strings butterflys - Silver[EY:NO] 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - French Mstyle 
Rings - Melissa rings - White leather &  Pink leatherBens beauty 
Shoes - Shark - WhiteN - Core 

Snow angel

Hello again!

*Waves* Its meeee!! Lol who knew Id be back so soon??
I had a a spare few hrs \o/ and thought Id spend it in SL and I'm glad I did, cos its given me a chance to show a cutesy bargain, that I've had my eye on for a few days. Its called Snow angel, and comes with the mesh maxi skirt (Maxi skirts I'm lovin' right now), top with tango appliers, and angel wings \o/ all for just 75L at BTS on the Jersey Shore.
The hair is from Plooms advent sale, Im not sure how long the 12 special hairs will be out for, so go get em while they're cheapsies. Theres also pose bargains too.

Hair - Fluster - Dipped pack Ploom 
Earrings - Obnoxious hoops - SilverApple May Designs 
Tattoo - Stars & Swallows - Black & white - Medium @ Para Designs 
Outfit - Snow angelBTS at Jersey Shore 
Bracelets - Amore Mia - BlackLouLou 
Rings - Melissa rings - Black leatherBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - BlackMstyle 

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Happy (belated) Christmas

Hello all!

I know Im late saying this, and for that I do apologise, the run up to Christmas was really hectic, and I didnt have a minute to get near my computer :o/ But, I hope you all, every single one, had a truly magical Christmas.

Its so nice to be with family and friends that you havent seen for a while, and even if there's arguments over the tv remote or who had the last mince pie, even when the living room is full of cardboard boxes and wrapping paper, and even when Nanna has too much champers and falls asleep, snoring during the queens speech, come boxing day, you want to do it all over again :o) (We dont actually watch the Queens speech, and if we did, it wudda been ME asleep- but yaknow wot I mean)

New year is just around the corner, so Im busy getting ready for that, my blog entries maybe a lil sporadic during these holidays, and I may not be in SL very often but as soon as the schools are open, and everyones back at work, normal service will resume :o)

I didnt get to do a Christmas card this year, so Im going to share with you my kitten - Scamp, sleeping soundly and looking every bit as adorable as he is - not very festive, but My God is he handsome!!

So Happy holidays all, and see soon :o)

Friday, 21 December 2012

I'm not pished. . . .

I love this pose! Its part of a pack that includes the wine glass, bottle and 6 poses, all in different stages of tipsyness (is that a word?) Its from Adorkable poses, and is available at My attic where you can pick up hair, clothes, poses, pose props, and lots of other goodies all for only 95L each, serious bargains to be had ladies, all in the name of Christmas. . . .
Ill drink to that - cheers!

The gorgeous bodysuit comes with appliers for tango mesh bewbs & originals and is available in 8 colours of lushness, the texture on these suits is so rich, all deep velvety gorgeousness - yummeh!!

Pose and props - TipsyaDORKable poses at My attic 
Hair - Flip - Indecisive pack Ploom 
Bodysuit - Lace lover bodysuit - BronzeRack city 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - Black Mstyle 
Rings - Melissa - Black leatherBens beauty 
Shoes - Triumph - Black N - Core 
Stockings - Comes with shoes 
Penguin fireplace - Winter wonderland fireplaceWhat next 

Cast the nets

Hello everyone :o)

Only 4 more sleeps!!

Lol, and Im glad to say Im nearly ready for the big day, hopefully Ill be done by. . . .  erm. . . .  Christmas eve :o/

I have for you today a gorgeous 3 pack of net-acular goodness from Pink Sugar. Theyre an exclusive item at Pre release and rather hawt, showing a lot of nipple, so for the purposes of the blog, Ive covered up with the gorgeous new advent hair from Ploom. This hair, along with most of the new releases come in a boob version, so are applier friendly \o/ at last, I hope ALL hair designers take note.

Hair - Dusk - CandyPloom 
Earrings - Obnoxious hoops - SilverApple May 
Necklace - Antique cross necklaceBens beauty
Bodys - Primadonna - Babygirl  Pink Sugar at Pre release 
Tattoo - Leopard spots - LightPekka 
Bangles - Bishes bangles - PinkBishes Inc 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - French Mstyle 
Rings - Melissa rings - Pink leather Bens beauty 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Ohh!! Theres a new event in town!! \o/

Well, if it isnt new - its new to me soooo. . . .

Its called the Midnight Nightmares,  its on an RP sim, which is really cute, and (this is my one complaint- as Im not very good at finding my way in life, be it real or second lol) but at the landing point, theres no directions, markers or anything, so I had to find my own way to the sale area, worse still was, I couldnt fly to my beacon - grrr) and its quite a way off from the landing point (Unless, and this is quite likey, I just noobed out and took a wrong turn)

Anyhoo, once there, theres lots of really nice goodies, for instance, Emporium have these loose tank dresses, in 12 designs. Ive dressed mine down, a bit grungy, cos Im jus in that sorta mood, but some of the other designs (especially the glitzy sequin numbers) would look lush with a pair of heels and not much else *winks*. Theres lots of lovely bargains, and freebies, and dollarbies, which, lets face it, was the point of the jaunt yes?

So all in all, be aware you have to *gasp* walk to get to the bargains, its well worth it, and plus side, our butts will appreciate yes? Lol

Hair - Lisa - Idecisive pack Ploom 
Piercing - B.S Piercing Dirtyland 
Necklace - ZombieLouLou 
Arm cuffs/bracelets - London calling @  LouLou 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - Black @ Mstyle 
Rings - Melissa - Red leatherBens beauty at Fi*Fridays 
Dress - Dress mesh - Chess redEmporium at Midnight nightmares 
Stockings - Ripped stockings - Red Erratic 
Leg strap - Pistolero - Black @  LouLou 
Boots - Myx boots - Leopard - OldInsanya 

Festive Holli

More festive goodies peeps!! This time in the form of sexy lil slip dresses from the uber sexy Hollipocket.
Sexy AND seasonal? Wayhey!!

These cute lil numbers are for todays GFW. in packs of 2, each dress comes with tango appliers included, each pack only 100L -  baaaaargain!! As well as the red and teal colours shown, theres the classic black, and a gorgeous purple colour pack, all come with cute lil retextureable bows on the front and back.

The glittery starry hangy things in the background are also on offer for GFW, theres 3 different designs, 1 of which is large, and they're copy/mod ok.

The hair is todays Advent gift from Alice project, I think this one is my fave yet.

Hair - Kiera - Christmas blondeAlice project 
Earrings - Mesh snowman earringsPure poison at Winter fair 
Slips - Babydoll slips - Teal & Cherry @ Hollipocket  (For GFW)
Nails - Christmas 2011 nailsCandy nail 
Hangy starry things - Hanging stars & beads @ Seasons at Jersey shore  (For GFW)

Dancer, Prancer. . . . . . .

Is this the cutest lil festive outfit? Ever? Myes, I think it is! Its a Forever Young offering, and includes everything, the antlers (with and without nose), jumper, skirt, plushie reindeer and boots - lush, I love it <3

Hair - Dawn - CandyPloom 
Earrings - Mesh snowman earringsPure poison at Winter fair 
Outfit - Lil reindeer outfit Forever Young 
Nails - Perfect long nails - Elegant (Tex change) @ Mstyle 

Bleak midwinter

Hello Loves!!

One day closer to Christmas!! \o/

Today is Jersey Shores last GFW before the big day, and theres lots of festive and non festive goodies to be snaffled, such as this cute lil festive jumper, available in Christmas red too, and it comes with appliers \o/
The socks too are on offer, and come in a mega pack of 22 colours.
A little word on the hair, its made just to be worn with hats, so its flat on top, dont try to wear it alone, or you'll look pretty daft lol.

Hair - YUME96 - BlondeBoon 
Hat - Comes with outfit, see below
Earrings - Snowman mesh earringsPure poison at Winter fair 
Piercing - KylaAtooly 
Scarf - Winter scarf - BlackYulicie at Winter fair 
Jumper - Green reindeer sweater @ Muah! at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Gloves - Mesh mittens - Black suedeKennedy's at Winter fair 
Skirt - Mesh party mini - GreenEyelure 
Socks - Over knee socks - Green @ Kennedy's at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Wellies - Plastic rain boots @ Dirtyland  (GG)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Fancy a coffee?

Some more goodies for this weeks GFW peeps \o/
These sexy dresses are Pink Sugar's item, the pack of 3, with appliers, is only 50L tomorrow!! Bargain alert!! They come with appliers for Tango mesh and prim bewbs, but also look shexxy without applied breasts :o)
Todays hair is the latest Advent offering from the amazing Ploom. A new hair is released everyday till Christmas at a seriously reduced price yay!

Hair - Gigi - Dipped 1Ploom 
Piercing - KylaAtooly 
Dresses - Torn dresses -  Coffee & cream @ Pink Sugar at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Bangles - Mesh hoops bangles - Black - Metalic packBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - BlackMstyle 
Boots - Radical boots - Suede chamoise Maitreya 

Mistletoe kisses

Helloo lovely peeps!!

Christmas is edging ever closer, and Im still nowhere close to ready :o/ Although the Christmas tree is up, one of my kittens likes to scale it and jump out at his older sister, so we cant safely put on the decorations just yet :o/
In SL though, stores are truly ready for the season, gifts, advent offers/gifts, hunts and all round jollyness is being enjoyed, and Magika is the latest to release their gift \o/ This gorgeous hair is the festive subscriber gift, and If you love it - well why wouldnt you? - you can also buy it in non festive colours :D

The sexy santa outfit is a release for tomorrows GFW, it comes with the suit, stockings, bracelets, boots and mistletoe headband so you will always be prepared for any festive snogging \o/  Be sure to grab it while its cheap, and while you're there, be sure to grab the CPS gesture pack, which contains 3 festive gestures, including my fave :: ☃ ℍṐ ℍṐ ℍṐ ℍṐ ℍṐ ℍṐ...ՈṐ ՐҼɊႱႱႸ ƮḩҼՐҼ'Ⴝ  ႱṐƮƮɊ  ℍṐҼႽ  ḩҼՐҼ ☃
There is also a lil gifty in the box - Im not going to give the game away though by telling you what it is *winks*
 Cherry pop studios - CPS at Jersey shore (For GFW) 

Hair - Early @ Magika (Christmas GG) 
Piercing - KylaAtooly 
Snowflake face tattoo - Glitter snowflakeL Fauna 
Reindeer mouthy - My glamour deer::LEO - NT:: 
Outfit & accessories - Under the mistletoe @ Pretty Liar at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Nails & rings - Twinkle - X-mas 2011 Candy Nail 
Large round rings - Flake ringsVirtual//Insanity 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Take the risque?

Ooohh sexy - very sexy - new tops from Bishes Inc for the boobieshow!!

These Hawt Mommas are available in 10 colours, each in 3 styles, the one you see here which is a sexy cropped style, a more risque version that uncovers one nipple, and an ultra risque version that uncovers the whole breast. If ya wanna see the more risque versions please visit my flickr by clicking here . The tops come with Tango appliers, and seriously, they couldnt be any hotter!!

A note on the hair : Ploom are having an Advent event, where a new hairstyle is available at a discount price, everyday over the festive season. They're situated under the tree on the left hand side of the store.

Hair - Dawn - CandyPloom 
Eye makeup - Cateyes makeupDamned 
Earrings - Hesperide LouLou 
Piercing - KylaAtooly 
Top - Tank top - Black - Type BBishes Inc at Boobies show 
Tattoo (Upper arms) - Spring butterfly - MediumPara Designs 
Tattoo (Belly/ribs) - Lucky in love - FreshTenjin 
Jeans - Worn corduroy - White Sakide 
Belly piercing - Regret piercing - Black Dirtyland 
Gloves - Taped fist Sini style 
Rings - Melissa rings - Black leatherBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - Black Mstyle 
Shoes - Emporium - Pure blackN - Core 

Credits for the other versions:
As above but -
Gloves and Knickers @ 

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Coral Island

Well well well, this is a sexy lil number!! A new release from Rack city, in a beautiful zesty coral colour, with highly detailed creased fabric, lushness \o/
Ive paired this sexy lil number with yesterdays 12 days of Christmas sale item from Ploom, its called Lewna and every day of Christmas there is a new hairstyle discounted for Chrimbo \o/
The zesty yellow eye makeup is available at the Winter fair, and is by Emporium, it comes in a pack of 5 eye colours.
The nose butterfly and shrug is a past group gift at [EY:NO] but as far as I remember theres a yellow-ish shrug out for sale anyway lol.

Hair - Lewna - Candy Ploom 
Makeup - Winter yellow makeupEmporium at Winter fair 
Butterfly - Lace nose butterfly @ [EY:NO] 
Earrings - Cabala earrings - Yellow SuPerBia 
Shrug - My cute shrug - yellow[EY:NO] 
Bodysuit - Netaboob - CoralRack city 
Nails - Long nails - V2 - Firee - Ombre 1 packMstyle 
Rings - Melissa rings - Yellow leatherBens beauty at Fi*fridays 
Shoes - Sense 2 - CitronN - Core 

Friday, 14 December 2012

Frosted Holli

Hello all!

The Frost event is in full swing, I went last night, got naked - took it allllll off, slapped on my full body alpha, and hit the sim. . . . . and  was currently logged out :o/  So I shall bide my time and go when its a bit less laggy.
In the meantime Im again able to show you some of the goodies on offer. These meshy applier friendly tops from La Hollipocket are a must grab! Available in packs of 2 (Im showing one of each pack here) with additional appliers for tangos, these are casual yet shexxy and a must have yesh?
 (Random side note - I LOVE how Holllipockets long sleeve tops have *Shock - horror!!* Long sleeves!! I hate sleeves that finish above the wrist, its a total pet peeve - please designers, include additional glove layers for long sleeves (if layer clothes), cos it looks crap otherwise, so kudos to Miss Holli for always having done so, and extra kudos for making mesh sleeves proper length too \o/ )

Hair - Valerie 2 - Rye Wasabi pills at Collabor88 
Earrings - Pretty butterfly earrings - BronzeBens beauty 
Tops - Cozy cute sweaters Lilac- set 2 & Barbie pink - set 5 Hollipocket at Frost 
Necklace - Pretty butterfly necklace - Bronze Bens beauty 
Tummy tattoo - Little bird tattoo - Fresh Tenjin 
Rings - Right hands - Melisa rings - Pink leather & purple leatherBens beauty at Fi*fridays 
Rings - Left hands - My pretty butterfly ringsBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - FrenchMstyle 
Jeans  - Tyra - Lowrise - Skinny - Bleached blue - 
Shoes - Shark 2 - WhiteN - Core 

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Frosted gold

 I love these lil outfits, particulary the skull one (as regular readers will know) and the cow print one (as in world peeps will know - my display name is Broo Moo - I have a thing for Cows- take of that what you will lol)

Hair - Tatum 2  - Timid 
Earrings - Ebru earrings Bens beauty 
Outfits - Bourgeois outfitsEmporium at Frost fair 
Back tattoo - A little fierce - FreshTenjin 
Rings - Melissa rings - Black leather Bens beauty at Fi*fridays 
Nails - Long nails - Classic blackMstyle 
Tights - Fishnet wide - Black Erratic 
Boots - Prestige boots - SilverBax