✩ Brookie Goes Inworldz ✩

Ello Darlings!

I first heard about Inworldz on my SL Facebook, someone was asking about if there were any good SL skin creators there, I only half took notice, then completely forgot about it and went about my daily SL.
Then a couple months later, SL was once again becoming a bit tirestome. A couple friends were logging in less and less due to SL drama, and I'd gotten to the point were I was just logging in to blog, and logging straight back out again.
Thats when I remembered about Inworldz and decided to make an account and see how it compared to SL.

Firstly,  I made my account and chose my name - I'm Brooke Rascal (You can choose any first and last name you like, I didn't want to be much different to my SL name as I want to make it easy for any SL to IW friends to find me).

After downloading the viewer I logged in. Everything is pretty much like SL, from the log in screen, to the viewer layout. But that's where the similarities end as, as soon as rezzed I was welcomed by a very friendly girl (An IW Mentor) who in local chat went over the basics with me, and explained that I was automatically in a new residents group and that if I had any questions I was more than welcome to ask in the group.
I was also sent a welcome folder that contained helpful notecards such as the Brand New Residents help, which contains help on everything from the basics such as walking, to purchasing items and rezzing/opening boxes. Now I dont know about you, but I remember when I first joined SL it took me days to learn how to get the contents of a box into my inventory! I was completely clueless, and although we treat it as second nature, its easy to forget that unless your shown how to, you dont know how to!
In the welcome pack there is also a basic AO for Males and one for Females, a hairbase to decloud your avi should you have that problem, LM's to sandboxes (for the opening of boxes etc), the welcome centre, a freebies centre and other bits and bobs.
Probably the biggest item in the folder is the  IW Explorer Hud. A hud that contains LM's sorted into categories so that you can easily TP to areas of IW that may appeal to you. Catergories include Arts, Attractions, Sports, Freebies, Hangouts, Roleplay - the list goes on.

Now, compare that to when you very first rezzed in SL! The help in IW is outstanding, and its as if they have learned what is needed from their own experiences.

Second thing you will notice when wandering around IW is the lack of lag!! Now of course this is a huge bonus, but I do have to point out that the lack of lag is a direct result of a huge reduction of Population compared to SL. But to be completely honest, I dont think thats a bad thing at all!

K, so the third thing you will notice, is how far behind IW is compared to SL.
This is a good time to recommend you downloading the Beta Mesh Veiwer, as without it, IW is way too far behind if youre used to SL. Mesh, multiple attachment points, tattoo layers etc are essentials that we cant live without!

Other huge differences to SL are the cost of buying currency in IW is far, far cheaper than SL. There is no cost for uploading pictures/textures, and if you buy land, you get a squillion more prims for ya buck - k not quite a squllion, but a quarter of a homestead sim in SL allows 937 prims, the same here gives you 11250!! Yeps- squillions!
Also the group space in IW is 100, compared to SL's 42.

K so onto the shopping, as thats the first thing many will want to do, I know my first priority was to make my avi purdy!

The good news is, many SL creators are already in IW, or getting ready to.
From Skin creators - Redgrave, AO creators -Vista, Dance creators - Humanoid, Hair designers - Magika & Mina, its completely possible to get camera ready in a matter of days.

The main area I have found the best for shopping are The Knitting Circle, where you will find a ton of SL designers such as Magika, Aux, Lark, Mina, Essences, the list goes on.
If you TP to the Vodka sim, you will find Insanya, Bubble, and Razorblade Jacket, among others.

Hair - Patricia @ Mina at The Knitting Circle  (Hunt Gift) 
Skin - Whisper - Noisette @ Essences at The Knitting Circle 
Atm, Essences dont have demos for their skins, which is a huge pain, but I took the risk as I loved the vendor pic, and am happy to say I love the skin I chose, just be aware - no demos yet! 
Eyes - Liquid Eyes - Midnight @ Deviant Designs    
Lashes @ Venus 
Shape - I took my numbers from SL and used em on a modifiable shape
Nails - Diamond Nails @ Deviant Designs  
Rings - Frack Ring - Silver @ Distorted Dreams at the Knitting Circle 
Bangles - Skelly Fish Cuff - Silver @ tea.s at The Knitting Circle    
Dress - Cirella Aquatic Babydoll Dress @ Sysy's at The Knitting Circle  (Hunt Gift) 
Necklace - Anasazi Necklace @ lark at The Knitting Circle   
Tattoo - Purple Orchid @ Body Canvas    
Shoes - Organique Flats - Jet @ Ingenue at The Knitting Circle   
 Hair - Never - Hud 03 @ Magika at The Knitting Circle   
Tee - Long T'Shirt Dress @ Aux at The Knitting Circle    
Sneaks - Bram Tops - Butterflies @ Bram at Vodka    

Other Slurls Of Interest:
Redgrave & Vista - Mimi's Choice  
Vodka Sim - Home of Insanya, Bubble & Razorblade Jacket -Vodka    
Glam District - Home of Many SL designers - The Glam District  
I will add to this list as I come across place I like :D  
If you decide to make an IW account, feel free to look me up and have a natter, just please introduce yourself as an SL'er or Babbling Brook reader, so I know youre not just a randomer!
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