Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Eh up Chucks <3

We sooooo should have had this post out hours ago, but both SL and my Interweb have been pains in my arse, and so here I am, late, and so ready for bed - ha!
So moving on with a stony glare to both culprits, I hope you likes the late post, and help me beat the people involved (not really - im not a fan of beating random public workers up -not at this time of night anyway, but I prolly wont agree with that statement  in a few hours when I'm taking caffeine intravenously :o/)

Here we have a hot lil corset dress by {Vision} - S&F at Monchromatic Fair. The dresses come in 5 lush shades of pink, are mesh, and include appliers for Tango boobs. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

At The End Of A Storm

Ello Loves <3

Did ya'll have a fabulous Easter weekend? Sad that its all back to normal right?
Well, at least theres lots of shopping to be done as a welcome distraction :D

The fabulous Miss Hollipocket has some new, rather hawt dresses out at the Monochromatic Fair.  They are mesh, and work with Cute Azz & Banned bums. Boob implants aren't needed as the mesh gives the booby shape, Sexeh <3

Also new, Atooly have cute umbrellas & poses out at The Pose Fair.  The umbrellas come in  6 colours, and there are 5 poses to use with them. 

Monday, 21 April 2014

Who Are You To Judge?

Eloooo Monkehs <3

Here we have some more fahoooookin hotness by [Q.E] at Bodify & Erotigatcha.  Seriously Emms is on fire with these. Jus sooo hawt, look at what she puts in her bag of tricks o.O

K, so first the bag of tricks, ohhh what goodies it contains :D Its one of 10 available in gatcha, this heres one of the 2 rares, but all are woo-hoo sexah!

Then the lingerie, it comes in all clothing layers, plus appliers for Tango/Mirage boobs, & Phat Ass and Ghetto asses, so the combinations are nearly endless, LOVE!

Annnd, the E-cig, is a brand newey from Tabou Irrestible at Suicide Dollz . The cigs come in Smoking/Non smoking versions, with mouth/hand attachments. 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

A Time To Reflect

Elloooooo & Happy Easter everyone!

Before eveyone opens thier eggs and the house is awash with chocolate, I thought Id bring you Maitreya's new collection of goodies as I absolutely adore every item.

Me and the Wifeh went yesterday and bought the gorgeous tucked in sweaters, jeans, pants, and bootehs, and because we were in a shopping frenzy we didn't discuss who was getting what colours, and so ended up buying the same colours of everything :o/   Which is fine - as long as we don't wanna go anywhere together while wearing em.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

I Predict a Riot

Ello again Meloves!
Happy Saturday :D
Woo 2 days into the weekend with another 2 to come - don't ya just love Easter?!

Soo, to begin with today [Q.E] have sexy lil outfits at TBS . They include tops with Tango/Mirage appliers, pants with Phat Azz/Ghetto Ass appliers, and sockies with Slink appliers <3

Im also wearing more news from Pomposity, a heavy neckchain with padlock, and belly Chain. These are texture change to 7 metals.

The wicked plaster & blood I'm sporting is also new, by Tabou Irrestible at Comics fair. 

Friday, 18 April 2014


Herro Muffins <3

Hope ya'll enjoyin' ya Good Friday :D

Whats New?
Well. . .
{Vision} - S&F have beauts lil hotpants outfits out new over at The Comics fashion Fair. The hotpants part of the suits come with appliers for Phat Azz and the tops are mesh and come in standard sizing. There are 3 designs to choose from.

Pomposity also have brand spanking newness out \o/ I'm wearing their new Multi Cross necklace & belly chain. Both are texture change to 7 metals.

Over on Jersey Shore, this weeks GFW is in full swing, where you are able to get tons of goodies for under 100L. This cute leg tattoo is Pervettes offering this week and includes tattoo layers, and appliers for Phat Azz.

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Ello Darlings!

Did you miss me? Lol.

I wasnt able to make a post yesterday, as I was busy moving home in SL. I have been  at my parcel for over a year, and was completely happy, had made it just as I liked it, but sadly didnt have the option to buy more prims. Grr stoopid prims! But happily my landlord did give me the option of moving to a near identicle sim, with a lil more space and lots more prims, for not a lot more money :D So I will be able to rezz like a loon as soon as the 2 big events open in May \o/

I'm still not completely done at the new place, I need terraforming etc, but the house and sky studio are in place, so at least thats something.

If you are in need of somewhere to live, you really cant go wrong with Kendallwood Estates, I have been with them for, like I said, just over a year, and I can honestly say they have been the best I have rented off - and I have moved a LOT in SL. (There you go Olin, a lil plug for ya :D)

Ok, so onto the post, which includes a gorgeous slip dress by {Vison} - S&F at The Spring fair. The dresses come 7 colours, and also look hella cute teamed with jeans. leggings. tights or stockings :o)

The (OMG I Love Em) heels, are also new, by HighRize. These come in 15 colours, and are for the Slink High Feet. Totes lush <3

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Trailer Trash

Ellooooo Lovely Peepsicles!

I have managed to calm myself after the excitement of my earlier post, to be able to bring some sexehness from Hollipocket, Forever Young, Pink Sugah, Miss Canning and Pomposity woooo!!

The Dark Style fair Is Coming!!!

Elloooooo Darlings!!!

Omg, I'm sooooo excited!

The Dark Style Fair is coming. . . . .and I have been invited to the official TDSF bloggers team! Wooooo!

The fair opens on May17th, and I will be able to bring you early news, exclusive sneak peaks and all round woooo-ness relating to the event \o/ 

You can read more about the fair  here

Huge thankies to Miss Hollipocket for the invitation <3


Lime Twist

Hey Monkehs <3

The Spring Break Fair opens up soonies Girls, so from the 18th April you be will able to snaffle goodies like this zesty lil set by Highrize :D This set comes with appliers for Phat Azz, Ghetto Ass, and boobies <3

The new Bolero Shrug by Miss Canning comes with a Hud that includes 10 colours, and can be worn with or without implants \o/