Thursday, 18 December 2014

Don't Speak

Ello again Dolls!

Ploom are having their annual 12 Days Of Christmas event, where each day a hair & pose will be marked down 50% for the duration! We are already 3 days in, so get ya sexeh asses down to Ploom for some serious bargains!

Outfit of the day is available exclusively at Frost, where even more gifts and bargains await - dontcha just love Christmas? <3

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Hello Dolls!

Omfg, after my internet issues on Monday, yesterday (the dreaded SL Tuesday!) I couldn't log in all night, SL hated me, its just so mean at times :(

Anyhoo, I bought a new skin!
I thought it was time to have a lil change. 
I don't usually get my skins from anywhere but Al Vulo, but I loved this one from Essences so much I had to have it. Wednesday includes appliers for Slink hands & feet, and Lola's boobehs, and there are appliers for other mesh body parts available seperately.
I wont be abandoning Al Vulo completely, I just want more frequent releases please!

Clothes wise I'm wearing Hollipockets newest (and so cute) releases for Frost, and sexeh new heels from Bens Boutique, plus a gorgeous festive nail polish by Zoz at Gothmas.  This one is for the Zoz mesh nails, but there is a version for the standard Slink nail too :D 

Monday, 15 December 2014

Look At You Now

Hey Girlies <3

My internet is so slow tonight, I'm just gonna go straight to the pics and credits, just in case it poofs altogether, in which case I'll  have to throw a tantrum and *gasps* go and watch Monday Night Football with the Hubby! 
*Wails* Nuuuuuu stay with me interweb thingy - pleeeaseeee!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Zip It

Ello again Loves, and happy Sunday!

Let me first say how in lurve I am with this trackies from LouLou at Frost. The detail is perfection, and the zipped flap on the back is texture change by hud to a choice of 16 prints.

The hot as fook bodysuit is by Hollipocket, and again I'm in lust. Each suit comes in a pack of 3, and include Omega appliers <3

Finally, let me introduce Babbling Brooks newest sponsor, Glamisty! Omfg I'm so excited to have this amazingly talented shoe designer onboard!
If you don't know Glamistry, you should, cos if you like shoes (and lets face it, if you don't you must be dead) then you will LOVE Glamistry! From the creator behind Redgrave's shoes and accessories you will find 100% original mesh, highly detailed, and completely gorgeous shoes-ies and booties - its a shame we can only wear em in SL!
Tysm Glamistry for the invite!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Liquor & Love Lost

Ello again!

Frost opens its doors in just half an hour, and here I have another sneaky peek! This time its Bishes Inc's exclusive - a hot lil pleated mesh skirt that you have to be careful about bending over in!
I have been to the Frost Sim already and its looking amazing, jam packed with exclusives & gifts under the tree - get those TP fingers at the ready, Frost opens at 12PM SLT! 

Next we have another new release by the gorgeous Buttery Toast. A little mesh hairbow that you can snaffle for cheapsies as part of Saturday Sale. The Magic Girl bow features a hud to change the stars colour and inner bow colour - adorbs <3

Then we have Hollipocket's cute lil little mesh sweaters out exclusively at Winter trend. The Faded Love Sweaters come in packs of 3 and also include boob appliers, although I'm not wearing my boobehs today :o)

Finally, a kick ass lil pair of boots from the fabulous Livalle, the Evoke boots are for Standard Av's and the Belleza and Slink feet. Choose from 8 colours. 

Friday, 12 December 2014

Bitch Kickin'

Ello again Sexeh Ladies <3

Happy Friiiidaaaay! \o/

We have somethin a little special for this post, a brand spanking complete outfit from the fantabulous {Vision] - S&F.
The Nolt outfit was just released yesterday, and includes scarf, leather jacket, bra, pants, bag, and shoes. Team it all together for a seriously shit hot look, or wear em seperately to mix it up a bit :D Either way, its kickin bitches ass right?

I'm also wearing some wicked hair feathers that I totally adore. The Peace Hairpins come in 12 colours in both left and right sides. Get em at J&A Expo.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Happy (Snow) Bunny

Hey babes!

What a mission this post has been! Last night for some reason SL decided to crash everytime I took a picture with shadows enabled, and we all know pics without shadows are poo right? So I was getting all stressy, thinking it was my (relatively new) graphics card (that would be a disaster!). I checked my drivers were up to date, but still crashed. I lowered my SL graphics to med-high and still crashed. So I went off to bed with a cob-on and hoped a miracle would happen today.

So today I logged in, tried again, and still crashed :o/
But then I noticed there was a new Firestorm release, so off I went to do a clean install, and logged back in, going through all the rigmoral of loading invent, fixing prefs, etc, and with fingers firmly crossed I went to my fave snowy sim, and took a few pics. . . . without a problem! Yay!! Graphics were set to high, shadows enabled, and not a bloody problem!
(I know the shadows look a bit jagged at the mo, there are obviously still some prefs I need to fix - hope I can remember them all - eek -  but all in all a happy snow bunny alert!)

This release of Firestorm too, seems (not to speak too soon) a really good update, lots of bug fixes and a few new features. So fingers crossed it stays as reliable as it seems :D

Ok so onto the post that has troubled me so much! I hope you like!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Baby Its Cold Outside

Ello again Dolls <3

More wintery goodies for this post, including news from Forever Young, Buttery Toast, and more exclusive goodies for the upcoming Frost event!

Festive Fun

Ello Girlies <3

Are you feeling festive? Now that I have most of my Christmas shopping done, and am feeling a bit more organised, I feel like I can look forward to the Holidays! Yay!

There are loads of festive goodies being dropped by designers in SL, and although I don't usually decorate my SL home (I am very rarely in it!) I decided to have a little holiday corner this year :o)

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Hello again me Darlin's!

I have news!!

Fisrtly, Depraved Nation's newest event - Frost is kicking off in just a few days, and I will be bringing you as many of the exclusives and gifts that I possibly can in the run up to, and during this wicked winter event. This is the first time I'm covering Frost, and I'm so bloody excited!

Secondly,  let me introduce Babbling Brooks newest Sponsor . . .. please welcome Ines Creations!!! *Applause Applause*  I'm super happy to have been invited to the blogger team at Ines Creations, as its a store I have known for a long time, ever since I was a host, needing some kick ass hawt club gear (Ah those were the days!) Super happy right now, Tysm Ines <3