Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Ellooooo Girlies!

Here we go darker again, with another Halloween-y posty, so much fun to do, and theres so many kick ass stuffs being released, its a brilliant time of year to go a bit different :D

I'm featuring awesomeness from Tabou Irresistible at Body Mod Expo (which closes in a couple days so be sure to get all ya goodies before then!), HighRize, RunAway, Zoz, Shock, [QE], Forever Young, and another of the Brookies Bones bags at Buttery Toast \o/
Don't forget the sale at Buttery Toast, where everything, including new releases is 50% off! (Oh not everything, gatchas and fatpacks are excluded)

Forever Young Sale!

Ello again Babies!

I have fabulous news! As well as the Buttery Toast sale I told you about earlier (If you don't know what I'm talking about, scroll down, and *tuts* to you!) I also have news of another fantastic sale, Forever Young are having a 75L Fall sale! Yes 75L! Seriously amazeballs, take the LM below and go snaffle some bargains!

Happy Shopping!
xx B xx 

New Beginnings

Elloooo again Dolls!

Firstly, I want to talk about my gorgeous lil bone handbag I have here - I'm so excited about this bag!
So, I asked Mama Toast (Head Baker at Buttery Toast, in case you don't know) if she had planned on making anything for Halloween, cos, yaknow, Buttery Toast + Halloween = fooking cute right?! And she said. . . . No!
So I asked again. . . .
 . . and Mama  may say I nagged, but honestly, I just asked, maybe just a couple of times, until finally, the warm buttery heart melted,  Mama relented and the Brookie's Bones Bags were born :o)
Available in all the gorgeous pastel-y shades we know and love from the Toast, plus black cos Duh - its Halloween, and including a hud to change colour of side, zip & tassel -  you can find em at the mainstore from today \o/ (Expect to see these lil beauties LOTS in coming posts!)
Tysm to the bloody wonderful Faylinn, you fahooking rock my heart woman *Kisses & Boob Honks to ya* 

Plus... PLUS.... Buttery Toast are having a huge sale, cos tomorrow is Mama Toasts RL Birthday!
Everything in store is 50% off from 12pm today, including new releases, like the bags, and wings, which I forgot to mention are another new release, and actually flutter! You can choose 2 speeds of flutter, or flutter off for pics an stuffs.
So be sure to head and snaffle all the sweet and gorgeous goodies you can stick in your pockets!


,.-~*'¨¯¨'*·~-.¸-(  Happy Birthday Mama Toast!  )-,.-~*'¨¯¨'*·~-.¸


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Sad November Rain

Hello again Gorgeous Girlies <3

I have news of a brand spanking new event!

The Sad November Fair begins in just a few days (November 1st), and Yours Truly is an official blogger!

I will be be showcasing as many of the gorgeous Sad November exclusives as I possibly can between now and the end of the event.

Starting with this cute as fook mesh mac and wellies combo by Neverwood. The November Rain Trenchcoats and Rainboots are Gatcha items and there are 5 colours of each to try for, plus another 5 colours of Windbreakers. The Trenchcoats are rare items.

Then over at another wicked event - the Kawaii Vs Creepy Gatcha Fair, [QE] and  Bubble have new exclusives. 
[QE]'s Kawaii Camp items are gorgeous eyes, coming in 13 colours, 3 of which are Rare. The Wild Eyes include system eyes & mesh versions. Seriously Emms has been on fire with her eyes, and these are so fahooking pretty I'm gonna have em embedded in my head for a long time :D
The gorgeous Bubble have cute umbrellas for their Kawaii route items. The Kawaii Umbrellas come in 13 pretty prints, with 3 rares and a fatpack rare to play for.

Lastly, but so not least, Here is another of Ploom's newest releases. (The first I showed *HERE*) This is called Oh Deer, and features a cute knitted headband with antlers and ears. Totes adorbs <3 

Monday, 27 October 2014

Trick Or Treat

Hello Dolls!
Another brand new shopping week begins,  and SL is awash with Halloween goodies \o/

Here we have the perfect outfit for going Trick Or Treating! The Lana Halloween outfit is complete with headband, mesh dress, tattoo (including appliers for Tango & Phat Azz) and basket.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Queen Of The Winky Slinks

Ellooooo me lil Duckies <3

Ya'll enjoying your Sunday? I have had a crazy one, much enjoyed :D 

Buttery Toast have news for todays Lazy Sunday item, cute lil tiaras in pretty pastel colours. The Of Course, Im Royalty tiaras are available in 8 colours, and include a hud to change the metal pearls colour. 75L just for today, back up to full price tomorrow!

My cute lil outifit is new by Highrize.  The Bang Kapow outfits include all possible appliers, and are available in 6 colours.

It Wasn't Me

Ello again Me Darlin's!

Firstly, I would like to take a sec to introduce Babbling Brooks newest Sponsor!
Everyone, please welcome Azhara Boutique! *Applause*
Azhara Boutique is a gorgeous shoe store dedicated to the Slink Foot, and seriously each and every shoe I have seen come from this store has been beyond lush, I'm super honoured to have been invited to join the Azhara Boutique blogger team!

The first pair of Azhara Boutique shoes I can show you are these cute as fook Mary Jane heels. The Diini shoes come in two versions - with strap and without - and are for the Slink High Foot <3

Then we have ohhh so many Halloween goodies! !nfinity have cute and  bloody dresses out at Halloween Fair, they come in 9 prints, and are mesh.

Petite Morte have face and body blood splatter tattoos out for the saturday sale, each come in 2 versions, and the body blood includes Slink Hand appliers. 

Regular readers already know about my lil skull obsession, I dunno what it is, even the evil ones look cute lol, and the skull in this crown is adorbs, hes trying to look sinister - cuuuuute!!! The crown is a gatcha prize,  there are 9 to play for, with 3 rares.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Sometime Never

Hey Loves!

Happy Saturdaaaaaaay! \o/

For this post we have news from Bellaire, Infinity, Insanya and Ploom who have 3 gorgeous new hairstyles that each include an animal headband. This is Pwny and features cute lil Pony ears headband and hud to change the colour to a choice of 10. The other hairstyles will feature in upcoming posts, and so will the complete collection of animal ears headbands that are interchangeable with all 3 new releases (and possibly other hairs).

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dem Bones

Hey Pooks!

Are you all enjoying your Thursday? I'm glad to say my net is behaving itself today (don't talk too soon Brook!)

So here we are with news from Forever Young at Bloody Horror Fair, {Vision} - S&F at Halloween fair, L.Warwick at N21, and Bubble, , Hollipocket & [QE] at Body Mod Expo.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Pinky & Perky

Hey Babes <3

Here we have some news from the ever gorgeous {Vision} - S&F, Buttery Toast, {PixelGeek}, Bens Boutique, Zoz,  and another of Purges new tatts at Victims of Ink event <3

(Apologies for brief intro, my internet is being an arse wipe so its taken me all my time to make the post!)