Saturday, 4 July 2015

It's Now Or Never

Ello lovely Peeps  ♡

We have news from Elikatira for Mix, Forever Young, Bens Beauty, and {Secret Love} with not one but two brand spanking new releases and another new group gift at the mainstore!  ♡

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Ride Or Die

Ello again melovelies!

We have brand spanking news from Shock to begin todays posty :- new mesh tees in 6 biker prints, some seriously killer heels at by Reign at FaMESHed,  news from Little Bones for the new event Mix and some wicked new poses by BellePoses at The Showroom ♡

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Ello again Dolls ♡

On another blisteringly hot day (yaaay!) what better time to show you The Plastik's gorgeous new bikini?
The Zara 'kinis are exclusive to the new satellite store on Nymphai and are available in 25 rich patterns. They feature bandeau top and low cut pants, held together with metal V accents - beauts ♡

We also have another of {Secret Love}'s brand spanking new releases (I swear Faylinn has a creative rocket up her bum), this one is exclusive to Olala. The Summer Zest Earrings & Necklaces include 5 bead colours and 2 metal options with intricate links and dangly beads - nommy goodness ㋡

Finally my scarf and pose, which I found in my inventory from an event I covered but hadn't yet used (so many goodies, so little time with these events lol) but I have checked, and the Carefree set, which includes texture change scarf with 3 poses and summer flower with 3 poses is available at the mainstore (female section) ♡

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Inner Peace

Good Morning Lovelies ♡

We have one of The Plastiks gorgeous new releases at their new Satellite Store on Nymphai for today's posty.
The Ragnhild dresses are lush satin full length gowns available in 25 highly textured patterns. They feature cut out back and sexy scoop front - smokin' right? ♡

{Secret Love} also have news out at the brand new remodeled  mainstore. The True Love necklace include 4 metals and 8 gems - nommy goodness ♡

We also have news from FormaNails -  a gorgeous multi ring set, available in 3 metals and packs for Slink Casual, Slink Elegant, Maitreya Hands and Standard Avi hands  ♡

Finally, brand new polishes at Zoz by DSignature. The reds are available in white tips, solids, gold tips, silver tips and black tips, and for Maitreya hands and Slinks  ♡

Monday, 29 June 2015

Endless Dreams

Ello again Lovelies ♡

Happy happy Monday!
I have been AFK over the weekend, did you miss me? Lol
I was spending some much needed family time, but we have a brand new week of shopping so lets get started \o/

First up, the current biweekly round of Thick In The Streetz is due to end this week, Unbothered have cute bodysuits out in 7 colours. Each includes Omega, Slink and TMP appliers. 
I snaffled Reigns Fifty Linden Friday offering last week, 6 colours of their cute little Gabbi Plats for such a low price - there are always bargains to be had at Reign,and store credit is earned with each purchase, deffo a group to be a member of if you love shoesies <3

Also a lil shout out to the adorable Kuppy for sending me our lil kitty friend here, tysm Sweets ♡

Friday, 26 June 2015

Summertime Sadness

Ellooooo Poppets ♡
And happy Friiiidaaaaay! \o/

We're headed to the beach again for this posty, gotta enjoy the sunshine while we have it, right?

So we have Doe's gorgeous new hair out at Uber, new lil tees & shorties by HighRize and *specially made for curvy girls* poses by Chubby Bunny out at Thick In The Streetz, and Zoz' second fresh new glitter polish set as Cosmo ♡

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Lose My Logic

Ello again Girlies ♡

Alterego have not 1, but 3 beautiful group gift skins out at the moment.
Lydia, Kensi & Maliyah are in the lush Honey tone and include brown and no brows, with cleavage and without.
The group is - get this - free - to join right now, so bag these beauts and strut ya sexy selves!

Doe have another gorgeous new hairstyle out, at the new round Of Uber. Ericka features lil headscarf with 9 colours and bobby pins in 8 colours.

We also have sexeh lil mini dresses out new at {Vision} -S&F.
The Versus leather dresses are gorgeous suede mini dresses, are mesh, and come in 3 packs of 3 colours.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Coastal Dreams

Ello me lil duckies ♡

Its been another beautiful day here today, so I spent a cheeky afternoon in the garden with my fur babies, frolicking in the sun (they frolicked - I sunbathed, and MAY have pilfered a beer off the Hubby, but we don't need to talk about that, right? ◕‿◕)

So, todays posty, which reflects the gorgeous weather as we head to the coast in Bishes Inc's newest mesh top, which is available in 17 colours, each in 5 sizes plus unrigged, and !nfinity's cute lil foot jewellery,which includes Hud with 9 bead and 9 lace colours, out at A Tale Of Wanders ♡

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Sun Will Rise Again

Ello again Dolls ♡

The Plastik have more news!
The beautiful Amora dresses are seriously stunning mesh dresses in 25 rich textures, with 2 versions in each pack - opaque top and sheer, and feature sexeh cut out back with bow - smokin'! 

While I was browsing Marketplace I came across these gorgeous lil cat tights & anyone who knows me knows what a crazy cat person I am, so they were a must!
The Cats Tail Seem Tights are for mesh bodies only (no clothing layers), and can be found in white, black and nude.

Finally we have a new Polish set from Zoz at Cosmo. The Summer 2015 Glitter polishes are available for Slinks, Zoz Nails & Maitreya body, and include 9 colours.

Monday, 22 June 2015

K, Bye

Ello again Lovelies ♡
Forgive my tardiness bringing you Livalles 21 Shoe offerings, with Fathers Day yesterday RL got in the way, so I wasn't able to bring you the second post as I had promised *Bad Brookie*
But there is still time, so be quick and snaffle the exclusive houndstooth prints of the Slammer flats  and Elation heels before the SL clocks hits midnight tonight! 

Also in this posty we have news at Thick In The Streetz, Suicide Dollz, Moon Hair, and Belle Poses ♡