Thursday, 6 January 2022

Open Your Eyes And See

Ello my lovelies! 

Wishing you all a very Healthy and Happy (belated) New Year!
This posty is belated peeps as I have been ill since NYE, but thankfully not from Covid \o/
I did tests - of course - and thankfully all have been negative - I've never been happier to suffer from the usual boring, run of the mill cold, sore throat, bad chest malarkey! 

Now on to the pretties - we have exclusives at MIIX Event and news from the gorgeous Le Fil Casse - take a lđź‘€kie!


Friday, 24 December 2021

Merry Christmas Loves!

Just a quick posty to wish you all a very "Merry" Christmas my lovelies! 

I hope you have the most fabulous day wherever you are, whatever you're doing, and whoever you're doing it with! 

Hugest hugs,

B xx