Friday, 2 March 2012

Get that friday feeling!

Wooot!! Its friday!! Thats always a good reason to go shop, no? As Im hosting again at Bar None, I needed to find somethin appropriately over to AlterEgo I headed. Must say it was a hard choice, as ever, but i found exactly the sorta thing i was looking for- wildchild. This outfit comes with gloves, stockings & socks and 2 versions of the corset dress, its available in a few colours and as you can see i chose the pink. Teamed with arm tattoos, edgy hair and funky glasses, i think it errs on the side of rawkin sexy rather than tarty (hey i like tarty as much as the next girl, but when ya up on the dexx in a club ya dont wanna look too much yaknow??!) The Geneva shoe booty things go really well with it too methinks :o) Another thing im jus LOVIN' is the row of numbers on my shoulder, omg i know everyones gonna want em, but i think ill just keep em to myself :o/

Hair-  Catwa -
Glasses- Acid & Mala -
Dress- AlterEgo -
Tattoo- Para Designs -
Nails/Earrings - Virtual Insanity -
Boots- Similar Design -
Club Bar None -