Monday, 12 March 2012

Moaning monday

Ugh I hope the new Phoenix update (when it comes) has my favourite features of Firestorm, mainly the ability to wear multiple layers of tattoos & alphas. If it does, it'll be the perfect viewer-so fingers crossed. The reason im in need of that ability is because ive completely embraced the mesh! But having to wear an alpha layer for, say, a mesh top, means i cant wear one for my shoes :o/ So ive been juggling between the few pairs of shoes i have, that have the invisprims. These are the Sakide shoes (come with an invisprim option) and the N-Core shoes (you can turn alphas on through the brillaint hud that comes with the shoes) Sadly though the new N-Core Euphoria boots dont have that option so Im still stuck with the mesh clothes/what shoes conundrum. Same applies with all the gorgeous new hairs out, some are ok and fit well, but others I need the alpha to hide my head as it stick out of some hair, and mesh hair cant be resized *sighs* So meshy moan done, onto the clothes..

The top in this pic is the meshy part, and the shoes were a group gift from N-Core.

Hair-Magika -
Outfit- Apple May-
Shoes -
Nails -

The mesh in this pic is the boots, and the hair. Lovin these boots to dress down sexy gear, and im love - love - loving the sexy gear in this piccy. The oufit is complete with skirt, top, stockings & armbands \o/

Hair - [ e l i k a t i r a ] -
Outfit - AlterEgo -
Boots - [GOS] -
Nails - Love Soul -