Saturday, 31 March 2012

Naughty but nice

Woot woo! A very sexy tank top that shows all the goodies!!! I normally call t shirts that show the under boob, booby tops, but this one I think has to be called a nipple top!!
Im not THAT outrageous as to show the pointy sisters, so I opted to cover them with the brill body paint from Plastik. I did tho, wanna show off the perfectely toned abs-curtesy of all those hours at the SL gym :o)
The t shirt  is from Kennedys, and I have to say this store is fooking hawt!! It stocks clobber that is sexy, edgy, hawt and funky. Its also involved in some wicked SL shopping groups (60L weekend & GFW etc) which is how I came to find this lil gem, AND that also means BARGAINS!!!

So working down...

Hair - The Abyss -
Makeup - Acid & Mala -
Earrings - Virtual Insanity -
T-shirt - Kennedys -
Body paint - Plastik -
Tattoo - Holli Pocket -
Jeans - Sakide -