Thursday, 29 March 2012

Retro glam..

The playsuit... this one reminds me of a 60s/70s (?) disco dance outfit-i dunno if thats the young ok??? (and a liar but lets leave that alone..) Anyhoo, its from Line, what i love about Line stuff , is the textures and attention to detail, like the prims blend in seemlessly with the textures. And even skirt prims -when i buy from anywhere i need to edit linked parts, and fiddle till im happy (oooo-er Mrs!!) but with Line, i dont (which is good as their prims arent mod-which annoys me usually)

Playsuit - Line -
Shoes - N-core-
Nails - Virtual/Insanity -
Bangles & Rings - Mandala -
Hair-Catwa -