Sunday, 22 April 2012

Blue (not)suede shoes

OOOh a shoe sale at my favourite shoe store you say?  I must go I say......IF that is, I can get into the sim!!
Well with some perseverance I made it to the N-Core sale, and what a happy bunny I am. I think now I must have every colour shoe I could possibly need \o/
I have to say im my humble opinion N-Core is THE shoe shop of SL, gorgeous designs, perfect fitting, a skin control/pedicure hud-AND a nc with the codes of all the most popular skins, for simple pimples colour matching.
I bought 6 pairs today, and Im using one of em for todays bloggy, expect to see the others v soon!! Be sure to go and snap up all the others before the sale ends
The beautiful dress is from the gorgeous Plastik, I swear I couldnt love this store more, original stunning designs in truly luscious colours and fabrics...yummy!

Shoes - Poison @ N-Core -
Dress - Koahkuma @ Plastik -
Hair- Sage (streaked) @ Ploom -
Bangles - Lotus @ Mandala -
Makeup - Eyeshadow nacar @ Acid & Mala -
Lip piercing - Sub rosa @ Virtual Insanity -