Monday, 2 April 2012

Bye bye fashionably late! :o(

OMG What is happening? First it was La Venta closing, now its fashionably late *sadface*  Only heard the news today so off I toddled to see what goodies I could grab while I still can! The CHIC sim is closing in a few days so be quick if ya wanna head over.  As usual it didnt disappoint, first up was a gorgeous mesh cardi, in an array of colours, I grabbed the grey but im going back to snap up a few of the other colours!!

Cardi - ISON @ Fashionably late -
Hair - Yunas -
Undies - Boom -
Feet - N-Core -

Secondly is a dress by Crash Republic.  Now, sadly, the dress was supposed to come with a pale blue mesh belt, but Id not received it, and at the time of writing, I hadnt heard back from the creator. Soooo Ive had to style it a little differently than how I was going to. Happily the creator after receiving a nc I sent,  sent a fat pack of the mesh belts, which in my opinion is wickedly kind, and brilliant customer service, so big thanks to Isabelle :o)

Dress - Crash Republic @ Fashionably late-
Belt - Earthstones -
Boots - Maitreya -
Hair - Lamb -

I was dragged off to party after Id bought these items but believe me, theres tons and tons of goodies to be had, so get ya arses there quick, before fashionably late is closed for good!!