Saturday, 7 April 2012

Good bunneh gone bad.......Happy Easter!!

For todays blog, I was planning on wearing my cute pink easter bunny outfit, but then Sakide went and put a hawt black one out in a hunt at the Depraved Nation sim, so I just had to write about that one too!

So here we go, a good bunneh look, and a slighty naughty one :o)

The good first...
The ears and tail were a gift/hunt from Sakide last year so nah nah you cant get hold of these exact ones anymore, but theres tons on MP and inworld now.
The outfit and makeup were bought on Marketplace so Ive supplied those links.

Hair- Raspberry Aristocrat -
Outfit -
Makeup -
Boots - Bax -

Now the Bad Bunneh....
Look for the black eggs at Depraved nation, theres tons of goodies to be had, all priced from 1L to 10L, this outfit comes in 3 eggs
Ive modded the tail to pink so it shows up in the pic
The hair is an exclusive colour as a gift to Magika subscribers, I normally only wear blonde hair, but I love this colour and think it really works

Im not telling you where the eggs for this outfit are, you have to find them, but ill give you the Sakide hints that I was given.....
1. Where am i o.o ?
2. Loulou, Loulou ? Yes it’s me.
3. Everyone needs some Insanity, even a Virtual one


Outfit - Sakide @  Depraved nation hunt -
Hair - Magika subscriber gift - Magika -
Boots - Bax -

Happy Easter peeps <3