Friday, 13 April 2012

Imma voodoo yo ass!!

Someone really pissed me off last night during my hosting set.....judging by the name hes just a drug addled dickhead with nothing else better to do. Anyway I got out my voodoo doll, made it this idiot, stuck pins in it, threw it on the floor and stamped on its head......there, all better :o)
Suicidal Unborn has a 24hr green sale, all green items are 50L. As green isnt my favourite colour in the world Id thought I wouldnt pick much wrong I was lol, this is just a couple

Hair - Bring it on! @ Exile -
Eyes - Reflection eyes @ Suicidal Unborn -
T shirt - The friday shirt @ Suicidal  Unborn -
Shorts - Rolled denim @ Paper.doll -
Chucks - Super high top chucks @ Kennedys -
Tattoo (arms) - Original sin @ Custom inkz -
Makeup - Part of a halloween  outfit @ Delirium -

Dress - Sucidal Unborn -
Hand plasters - Ouch @ Delirium -
Boots - Triumph boots @ Gos -
Tattoo (back of legs) - White trash @ Suicidal Unborn -
Hair - Whinxie @ Ploom -