Thursday, 19 April 2012

Playing with Fire...storm

I started using Firestorm when it was thought that LL would stop the likes of Phoenix from running. Although it was hard to get used to (I hate change in my SL!!) I perservered and loved the benefits it gave. But when my laptop overheated and crashed because Firestorm made its CPU run at 100% I went back to Phoenix. Wondering WTF Id do if Phoenix was made redundant I started saving up for a kick ass Laptop made to my specs. (If ya wondering why I use a laptop when a desktop would be better and more powerful-the simple answer is, my family need the desktop for work/homework etc, add to that the time I spend in SL, it just wouldnt be fair to hog that computer all the time-so I have my own lappy)
Ive tentatively come back to Firestorm now, mainly because Ive been having horrible troubles with TP-ing inworld, and also, with the gorgeous meshness on offer now, I just have to have the ability to wear mulitple alpha layers. Lets see how things go.......

Hair  - Anywhere (mesh) @ Magika -
Top - City work mesh shirt in grey - Apple may -
Jeans - Mesh zipper skinny jeans in dirty @ Maitreya -
Shoes - Caresse in platine @ N-Core -
Nails- Black nails @ Virtual Insanity -
Rings - Silver rings @ Redmint -
Face piercing - Jam arc-en-el @ Acide -