Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Spring has sprung

Spring has most definately sprung over on the Jersey shore sim, theres a wicked hunt on, full of spring inspired goodies for only 10L each. Look for the daffodils in all the stores with the sign outside. There isnt any hints, but honestly you really dont need any, the stores are small and the items easy to find, I whizzed around in next to no time \o/
Im showing 3 pics of the goodies you can find, but believe me, this is jus a very small portion of springy free goodness on offer :o)

Mesh top (one of two in the prize) - Sally top @ Nemezi
Jeans - Lacey bumbum jeans @ Hollipocket
Both at the Jersey shore sim hunt -

Hair- Tatum @ -
Shoes - Alex @  G-Field -

Top & shorts - blah BLAH blah
Mesh rings (& necklace not shown) - Izzies
Both at the Jersey shore sim hunt -

Hair- Scarlett2 @ -

Jeans & Top (prize has jeans in 3 colours) - Sakide @ jersey shore sim hunt -
Hair- Tatum @
Shoes - Alex @  G-Field -