Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wear grey for a day!

As you've probably heard, theres a wicked event going on now, to raise awareness for the American Brain Tumour Association. Its called Wear grey For A Day, and tons of designers have come together offering loads of goodies and giving proceeds of selected items to the charity. Theres also a hunt on, look for the little black brains in selected stores (hunt contributors have signs) and buy each for 10L.
Shopping for a good cause, what could be better?

Scuse the white bits on the shoes in this pic, its an SL glitch, the shoes are wicked. SL just likes to give my shoes an alpha strobe show every now and again...thanks for that

Dress/socks/shoes - Kennedy's @ wear grey -
Hair - Magika -

This top needs a bit of editing, but its completely mod, so you can edit linked parts to accomodate your boobies, a little bit of effort for a great result

Top - Plastik @ wear grey -
Leggings - Iren (hunt item) @ wear grey -
Shoes - Sakide -
Hair - Ploom -
Gloves - LouLou -