Sunday, 20 May 2012

ςαи∂ч Ğíяℓ

Just before I logged for the day, I heard a whisper of a new Fashion Cache collection, so of course I had to investigate! And glad I am, as I picked up lotsa goodies!!
Shown are a wicked mesh mickey mouse (I so loves him!) top,  and sexy ultra tight skinnies from kennedy's \o/
A quick post, but a cute one, no?

Top - Mickey loose tank @ The fashion cache
Jeans - Jeans bright yellow by Kennedy's @ The fashion cache
Hair - Kannibal @  Raw house
Earrings - Doublering earrings  @ :::Line:::
Choker - Diamond bow collar @ Needful things
Bangles - Bishes bangels -rainbow @ Bishes Inc
Nails/rings - Sugar cat nails @ Mons
Belt - Chunky belt-red @  Pepper