Saturday, 26 May 2012

βαrβιє- ɡirŁ

I was wondering round the grid, looking admittedly a tad girly...but minding my own business, when a couple girls -on voice -  (prolly cos it cant be pasted and reported... lmfao) - started uhmmm how shall we put....uhmmm...bahaving like cheerleaders?...Or.... well..... acting like total Bitches, calling names and giving it loads...mhm prolly 17 stone heffers, cant move from the house without help..but anyhoo, it reminded me of a wicked cute outfit I got as a freeb from the mighty AlterEgo, sooo I thought Id give a shout out to the heffers from the "Brit Barbie"..Thanks for the inspiration Nasties!! ..LMFAO!!!

  • Complete outfit (including boots) - Barbiedoll @  AlterEgo
  • Hair - Daisy @ LeLutka
  • Earrings - Featherweight  @ Yummy
  • Gloves/bracelets - Enigma @ LouLou