Sunday, 6 May 2012

υρլ๏α∂ tђíร รђít!!

Well, seriously this is why I love being a member of AlterEgo!! Its 11.30PM, nothing on TV, family asleep, so I turn on the lappy..only to find a notice for a 1L flash sale at my fave store!! A NEW ultra sexy number called upload, curtesy of the mighty Toxx...seriously we almost forgive her 'tude for 'fits like this right?!!! Kiddin Toxx!!.... we dont :p~~~~

Complete outfit- Upload @ AlterEgo -
Hair - Kerry v1 @ 99 Elephants -
Hairbase - Shaved no tattoo blonde @ Deetalez -
 Earrings - Asia Earrings @ Virtual Insanity -
Nails - Asia rings & nails @ Virtual Insanity -
Shoes - Genova @ Similar design -

                                               Gratuitous arse shot.......Erm, jus cos