Saturday, 9 June 2012


Wooot! Lots of stuffies today - another new event, new meshy goodness, aaaand a group gifty!! \o/

Ok so the new event is called Summer fashion festival  and theres loads and loads of exclusive creations from designers. The cute lil top here is from Hollipocket, it comes in a pack of 3, with 2 versions of each colour- one with lace on the cup, and one without. These colours arent available at the mainstore, so be sure to get ya asses to this event-its wicked \o/
The skirt is new leather lushness from fanatik, and is available in a whole bunch of lush colours, from the classics to sunshiney summery colours-gorgeous!
The shoes are the new group gifty at N-Core, leopard print lovliness-hooray!!
Finally, theres a newcomer to the Jersey shore sim. Theyre called Pulgy and they sell wicked tattoos, like the lip one Im sporting, and also the neck one that can only just be seen here, but ill be showcasing others in the next few posts :o)
Ohh and finally-finally, the fabulous foot tattoo is from [trs] and comes with a tummy tattoo -which I showed a couple posts ago - and an ass tattoo that I didnt show - so its included on this post - enjoy!