Thursday, 21 June 2012

Mα∂ σи нєя

Oooohh when i put this outfit together it sooo reminded me of Madonna circa not ancient.
Lovin everythin about it, specially cos the top and skirt were bargains at Private room! \o/

Hair - Eva-ashblondy @ CaTwA
Face piercing - Dramtic piercing @ [EY:NO]
Earrings - Combo earring set @ [EY:NO]
Choker - Filigran string necklace @ [EY:NO]
Necklaces - Babette combo-all @ MG
Top - Tatti lace top by KimPrivate room event
Bra - Taken from the Best you ever had outfit @ BTS
Bracelets - Mess bangles @ [EY:NO]
Nails/rings - Lucido @ ::OW::
Skirt - Mesh ruffled mini skirt by [Town] @ Private room event
Tights - Fishnets-wide @ Erratic
Shoes - Sassy high heels @ Sakide