Saturday, 2 June 2012

ρŁαşтίƙ ƒαитαşтίƙ

A few goodies from one of my favourite stores, I heart this place sooo much. The top is mesh, and comes in a billion different lush textures.

Top - Romanov in Leopard poison
Leggings - Fierii leggings in Heartrubii
Skirt - Sephira denim in noir
All by Plastik

Hair - Haley @ Ploom 
Chucks - Low top chucks @ Kennedy's
Bangle - Bishes bangle @ Bishes Inc
Nails - Pop 'n' gun @ Virtual Insanity
Rings - Voyante ring - gemstone @ Je suis

Mousey - (available at the SVPAP - Project rescue event see post below)
Tattoo - (available at the SVPAP - Project rescue event  see post below)