Thursday, 12 July 2012

σиє νσί¢є

Yay!! I managed to get into the One Voice sim! And OMFG its awesome!
If anyone hasnt heard about this, (those of us that live in caves maybe?) this is a huge event in support of Curio skins creator Gala Phoenix. Theres a huge list of designers who have put out items with differing percentages of profits to go towards Galas huge legal bill. The event runs until the 15th july.

You can read all about Galas fight here :

The skin Im wearing is by Curio, Its called Mardi Gras and you'll be able to get it, along with all of her fu**ing amazing original creations as soon as Gala has won her fight, and has her stores up and running once again, hopefully that wont be too long :o)

Bear in mind, when you go to the event sim, your script count needs to be less than 50, so detach all scripted items, or you'll be tp-ed home lol. A basic AO should be fine to wear.

Hair - Teeloh mesh hair - vanilla pudding by Wasabi pills at One Voice
Nose chain - Rama - red @ LouLou
Earrings - Vixen earrings @ The pink bandaid
Necklace - Nore - red - version 1 by LouLou at One Voice
Bra top - Pull meh top (One of 3 tops) by Hollipocket at One Voice
Tummy tattoo - Lucky in love @ Tenjin
Hand tattoo - Rosies sister @ Tenjin
Rings - Melissa line rings - gold @ Bens beauty
Nails - Basic pink nails @ Virtual/Insanity
Belt - Chunky belt - red @ Pepper
Jeans - Girly girl jeans - white by Hollipocket at American bazaar shopping mall
Shoes - Shark 2 by N - Core at One Voice
Poses - Boots by Poseur at One Voice