Sunday, 29 July 2012

тђίş ίş ч๏υ

OMG this tube top made me LOL when I received it! How many of those gorgeous avis have someone like this behind them? I always think that when theres a blank RL page on someones profile, anyhoo this comes curtesy of the wicked Stained clothing.

Hair - Bring it on - frosted @ Exile
Eye makeup - Cats eyes @ Damned
Face piercing - Kyla peircing @ Atooly
Ciggy - Addict cig @ Virtual/Insanity
Tattoo - Original sin @ Custom inkz
Top - You in RL @ Stained clothing
Skirt - Pleated mini - vintage wash @ L'exception
Arm strap - Addicted armband @ Virtual/Insanity
Gloves - Studs gloves - black with tape @ Sakide
Nails - Black nails @ Virtual/Insanity
Trainers - Eat me kicks @ Stained clothing