Tuesday, 24 July 2012

яυբբŁє∂ բєαтђєяş

OMG why does SL hate me?? Why wont it let me rezz anything, and why do I keep getting those annoying little yellow triangles on things? I swear if I wasnt addicted Id leave!
But I AM addicted so I went back to firestorm viewer for a bit, (thinkin my probs were phoenix related) and well *sighs* as soon as I log out - and in again - I get a message about LL noticing a downgraded blah blah blah and that I need to relog into a different sim...really LL? Everytime?? This happened on the old version and now this brand new version :( 
Anyhoo, rant over, Ill keep jockeying between viewers as, and when I can.
Soooo how cute are these little dresses? Theyre going to be on offer for Jersey Shores Grenade free wednesday this week, where you can snap them up for a snip! Available in 3 colours, and in the stardard sizes.

Hair - Silent wings - Chardonnay @ Exile at Hair fair
Dresses - Mesh dress with ruffled skirt @ *Be reckless* at Jersey shore (For GFW)
Necklaces - Feather necklaces @ Bens beauty
Rings - Mesh bow rings @ Bens beauty
Nails - Essential nails - pink @ Virtual/Insanity
Shoes - Shark 2 @ N - Core