Wednesday, 22 August 2012

мίиί мє

Every girl needs a denim mini in her virtual (and RL!)  wardrobe, and these ones from L'exception are gorgeous, theyre available in 5 different washes, and I bet you'll be wearing em again and again. I know i will!

Pic on left :
Hair - Kiki - Light blondes Raw house 
Top - Groupie tee -The ClashL'exception 
Badge - Name tagDirtyland 
Gloves/bangles - Enigma - blackLouLou 
Belly piercing - Emo piercing @  Dirtyland 
Tummy tattoo - Peace tattooLiquid honey at Black market 
Skirt - Pleated ultra mini - Classic washL'exception 
Nails/rings - LucidoOnyx wear
Leg strap - A small cutting? leg strap @  LouLou 
Boots - Stagioni boots - coalMaitreya 

Pic on right:
Hair - Vespa - dippedPloom at The Deck
Necklaces - Pearl necklaces - combo long - blackMaxi gossomer 
Top - Busteh top - slate Hollipocket at Fashion voodoo 
Tummy tattoo - Dirty little lovemakerTenjin at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Skirt - Pleated ultra mini - dark washL'exception 
Nails - Half flick nails Onyx wear 
Ring - Love is burning - blue/goldBens beauty 
Boots - Radical - black leather Maitreya