Thursday, 30 August 2012

ƒєєŁίиց ρєα¢нч

How cute is this lil outfit? Its hawt too! The pants can be worn without the prims as skinny jeans tucked into boots, but Im likin the baggies :o)
The hair is an old one Ive had sittin in my inv that Id forgotten about, its from Raw house, who are great for the more edgier hairstyles.

Hair - Legend - light blondes @ Raw house
Choker - Unlucky @ Virtual/Insanity
Top/bra/baggies - Sanity @ BTS 
Belly peircing - Emo pericing @ Dirtyland
Tummy tattoo - Petite coquine tattooTenjin
Gloves - Fishup net gloves - black @ Hollipocket
Nails - Blinged- blackForever young
Ciggy & pack in hand - Ultimate cigarette @ Hermony
Armstrap - Not this way armband @ Dirtyland