Monday, 6 August 2012

σн Μч!

So, along with every other woman on the planet, Im reading the book 50 shades of grey, and "oh my" is it good!!!
While I was spending time with my BFF in SL today, in her newly built gypsy meadow, she "found" her own Mr Grey hiding in her inv..... yes, now we alllll know wot kind of girl she is!!

As you can see, the dog fainted from the sight and sadly couldnt be revived.

So onto todays post, which has nothing to do with 50 shades, gypsys OR dogs....

Hair - Kerry V1 @ 99 elephants
Hairbase - Shaved tattoo - moonstar @ 99 elephants
Face piercing - Dramatic piercing @ [EY:NO]
Earrings - Many hoop earrings - black  @ Bens beauty
Top - Zebra long tee @ Liquid honey
Bangles - Hoop mesh bracelets - black @ Bens beauty
Nails - Basic nails - black @ Virtual/Insanity
Ring - Taken from the Melissa summer rings pack @ Bens beauty
Leggings - Zipped latex pants - opened by Sakide at Pink ribbon fair
Shoes - ZEN - black @ N - Core