Sunday, 26 August 2012

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Ive been eyeing these mesh pants up all week, and finally succumbed to temptation today lol. They come in (I think) 5 colours, and come with the knickers underneath, but you can swap those for others if ya want.
The waist cincher is actually a friends find, after she spent the best part of the day searching for a particular top and jeans combo, and during her search she showed me this, and Im so glad she did, I love it - thanks Vic!!
The hair is Magikas newest creation \o/

Hair - Awkward Magika 
Earrings/necklace - Cupcake setBens beauty at Stuff in stock 
White Top - Frillfrill:::Line::: 
Waist cincher - Pinstripe waist cinch @ Burnt orange on Marketplace 
Pants - Very low wide pantsInto dust 
Ass tattoo - Rawr[EY:NO] 
Shoes - Spring flats - inkDuh!