Tuesday, 4 September 2012

ѕυցαʀ ѕкυŁŁ

A skull tank!!! \o/ Woohoooooo!!!
Ok so regular readers will know I have a passion for all things skull and skellington!! And this one is just awesome!!
And a cute panda one for people not so obsessed by skulls lol
Both are available at the totally 60 mesh artelier event, I stg this event  is awesome for people who love all things meshy-so thats all of us right?

Hair - Iekelene - blonde99 Elephants 
Earrings/ring on left hand - Lace ribbon earrings & ring setBens beauty 
Ring on right hand - White glitter gun ringSugar at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Nails - Half flick nailsOnyx wear 
Tanks - Skull mix top/ Panda topFe Style at 60 mesh atelier
Tights - Fishup netsHollipocket