Friday, 28 September 2012

OMFG & AFK. . . . .

Ohh-kayyy soo tomorrow is my Baby Boys birthday, hes gonna be 13 (Eeps!!- OMFG how did that happen?) Soo there prolly wont be any posts this weekend as its gonna be a busy one. . . . . .saying that though, if I do find myself with any free time, I WILL post, purely because I have gorgeous newness to show. . . . . but we shall see, itll be either this weekend or monday. . . .

So with that, while Im here, I just have to show these drop dead gorgeous jeans, I STG these are THE best mesh jeans Ive ever seen in SL, they come with both the cuffed and an uncuffed version, are available in 13(!!) colours/designs, and look totally amazeballs. . . . .and amazeballs isnt a word I use lightly! Here Im just showing 2 of the colours, but seeing as Ive renamed them in my inv as "The best mesh jeans ever" you can be sure you'll be seeing the others very soon!!

The makeup is another show stopper, I love how we can buy makeups to transform our skins as and when we want, and soo much cheaper than buying new skins, and this makeup doesnt come much cheaper, 50L for all 4 gorgeous colours!!

Hair - Tequila - StrawberryLoQ 
Hairband - Like a prayer V2Virtual/Insanity 
Piercing - Dramatic piercing - Silver [EY:NO] 
Earrings - Artistic hoop - L3 Bens beauty at Swag fest 
Crochet top - Kimchi lace top - white  @ So. Heartless at Jersey Shore  
Pasties - Bandaids - whitePlastik 
Bra top - Cute bish - Pink  laceBishes Inc 
Tattoo - Unfinished spring tattooTenjin 
Necklaces - Pearl necklaces - Combo - Long - BlueMaxi Gossomer 
Bracelets - Mess bangles - Silver [EY:NO] 
Rings - Melissa rings - Grey - SilverBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - frenchMstyle 
Jeans -  
Fresh skinny jeans - Faded blue - cuffed 
Worn in skinny jeans - light blue - cuffed 
Shoes - Temptation - PearlN - Core 
Makeups - Naturals - 4 packEyelure