Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Boobeh dresses!!! Ok so its been a while since I played with my boobs, and my skin matching isnt quite as perfect as Id like it to be, but meh Ill get there!!

Both of these dresses can be worn without appliers, and still look amazing.
The first dress is available for GFW (remember everythin' for GFW is under 100L) and the second dress comes in 9 zebra-licious colours, and all are available at Swag fest

Hair - Bacardi - Pale goldenLoQ 
Piercing - I Peench - Black Virtual/Insanity 
Necklace - Filigran string necklace - silver[EY:NO] 
Dress 1 - My sweetest sin dress - WhiteBoobieLicious at Jersey shore 
Dress 2 - Staticlicious - Zebra pinkHollipocket at Swag fest 
Gloves / bracelets - Enigma White & Enigma BlackLouLou 
Nails - Long nails V2 - PassionMstyle 
Shoes - Rivea pumps - Queen snakeMstyle