Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Check mate

Hello guys!!

In todays post we have a new store Ive just discovered for the boob obsessed,  newness from Shabby Cat, and newness from Bens beauty, plus tattoos galore \o/
A couple notes first though, the cute lil butterfly necklace comes in a choice of 3 metals - silver, gold or black, and each one has a texture change option for the butterfly so you can match it up to any outfit - yay!!
The arm warmers are mesh and come in both black or white, each pack giving 6 colour band options and I knowwwwww you can see skin through the glove, but I totally noobed out and forgot to add the alpha layer :o/
The skirts are also mesh and come in 7 colours.
The lower tummy tattoo is Tenjins item for this weeks GFW, Ill show it properly in my next post, but as with all of Tenjins stuffs, ya know ya gonna want it right?
The lil top is from the new store I discovered called Rack city - IK - wicked name right? Its full of bOOb friendly clothes, and while youre browsing you may just find a hunt item ;o)

Hair - Soleil w/Roots - SeasprayTruth 
Piercing - Toomuch - BlackVirtual/Insanity 
Glasses - Reader glasses - PetrolAcid & Mala 
Earrings - Many hoop earrings - Black @ Bens beauty 
Neck tattoo - TakenEyelure 
Necklace - Pretty butterfly necklace - Black @ Bens beauty 
Arm/rib tattoo - Passion - FreshTenjin 
Lower tummy tattoo - Doll face tattoo - fresh Tenjin
Arm warmers - Arm socks - Black & blue Shabby cat 
Rings - Shield rings - Black/silverLaGyo 
Nails - Anti flick - Black Onyx wear 
Back tattoo - Carpe diem Para designs 
Top - Simple tube - BackRack city 
Belly piercing - Regret - Blue Dirtyland 
Skirt - Abby mini - Blue @  Shabby cat 
Boots - Jazz boots - BlackMaitreya