Thursday, 15 November 2012

Happy bday & Sugarbomb

Hello peeps!! Two things to talk about today, a birthday, and makeups!! \o/

First of all, its Censored's birthday \o/ and that can only mean one thing. . . . . no, not cake lol , exclusive items!! Wooooo!
Yeps lotsa nice exclusives to be had, from designers such as  Emporium, who have brought us this cutsey lil short and vest combo, plus the leopard print top, aaaand more!! So get ya asses down there soon, go goo GO!!

Pic on left::
Hair - Set free - BlackgoldExile 
Earrings - Obnoxious hoops - BlackApple May 
Top - Sweater leopardEmporium at Happy Bday Censored 
Shorts - Mini mesh shorts - BlackReborn Clothing 
Nails - Long nails - ElegantMstyle 
Rings - Striped bow - Rose ::LEO - NT:: (Vip Gift) 
Shoes - Classic pumps - BlackFanatik 

Pic on right ::
Hair - Tatum2 - Anxious 
Earrings - as before
Tattoo - Cherry blossom - Black - Medium  @ Para Designs 
Shorts/tank - Call me maybeEmporium at Happy Bday Censored
Boots - Radical - Black leatherMaitreya 
Bangles - Angular braceles - PurpleIzzies 
Nails - As before 


Plus in todays post, gorgeous bright and funky eyeliners, for our eyes!! These are from Eyelure, there are 5 in the pack, and they have  gorgeous feline flicks at the corners of the eyes - lushness :D

Hair - Tatum 2 - Anxious blonde as before 
Eyeliners - Sugarbomb liners Eyelure 
Piercing - No longer available - sorry!!
Earrings - Obnoxious hoops - Black - as before