Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Happy humpin'

Happy humpday peeps!!

Im currently unable to remove my mesh breasts for any length of time, lol, I loves em! So all designers that are updating their clothes with Tango appliers Im stalking in the night!
Hollipocket has updated all her current stuffs with the appliers,  including this gorgeous lil top, which (yay for us) is on sale for GFW.

Speaking of GFW I also want to tell you about the gestures that are on sale, along with all the wearables :D cos yaknows I love em! Both Shup bish and Cherry pop have gesture packs out for this weeks event, which means you can grab goodies like ✧≈° EXCUSE  ME °≈✧ from Cherry Pop, which is an adorable lil voice with a cheeky tone and is in a pack of 3 gestures.  And 【 Sᴴᴬᵏᵉ  Mʸ  Ɗªᵐᴺ  Нᵉᴬᴰ  】 from Shup Bish which comes in a pack of 5 lol brill, and totally vital when people bump ya, or just annoy ya!!

Hair - (Includes hairbase) Elettra - Black Yassine at Jersey shore   (For GFW) 
Earrings - Dove earrings - BlackBens beauty 
Piercing - Kyla @ Atooly 
Necklace (long) - Find the truth (tex change) @ Bens beauty 
Necklaces (short) - Pearl necklaces - Combo - Short @ Maxi Gossomer
Tattoo (neck) - Trophy girl - Fresh (Tintable!) @ Tenjin (For GFW) 
Tattoo (Body) - Thistle goddess, no chest - fresh  Tenjin 
Top - Sweetpea - Rose Petal Barbie @ Hollipocket at Jersey shore   (For GFW)
Gloves - Fishup net gloves - Black @ Hollipocket at Jersey shore 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - Black @ Mstyle 
Rings - Voyante rings - Plain @ Je Suis 
Belly piercing - Regret - Black @ Dirtyland 
Skirt - Mesh swag mini skirt - Black Reborn clothing 
Tights - Cross tights @ Happy pencil 
Shoes - Sassy high heels - Black Sakide 

Hair - YNO421 - BlondeBoon 
Hairbase - Gathered raised hairbase - BlondeBoon
Glasses - Reader glasses (head) - MagentaAcid & Mala 
Piercing - KylaAtooly
Earrings - Craving to summerBens beauty 
Tattoo (neck) - Trophy girl - Fresh Tenjin (For GFW)
Jumper - Sweater - stars @ J'adore at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Rings - Voyante rings - Plain  @ Je Suis 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - Black @  Mstyle 
Tattoo (tummy) - Little bird - FreshTenjin
Piercing - Regret - Pink @  Dirtyland 
Jeans - Skinny jeans - Black - Cuffed Forever Young 
Shoes - Temptation - LollipopN-Core