Thursday, 8 November 2012

Just nippin' out

Im totally lovin' prim boobehs, and it seems the whole of SL is goin mad for them. Tons and tons of designers now include appliers for most prim boobs. As much as its a pain getting used to them, and it IS a pain, its deffo worth perservering, as they give such a wicked shape.

This dress - including appliers for boobehs- is another of the wicked FBTH gifts. Its from Boobielicious, and this store is perfect for us prim boob lovers as all clothes come with appliers. Of course, if youre not a lover of prim boobs, most clothes can be worn without appliers.

Hair - Volume - Hud 03Magika 
Piercing - Dark CruxVirtual/Insanity 
Eyeliner - Black eyeliner - Feline boldAcid & Mala at Jersey shore (FBTH gift)
Collar - Crepuscule - BlackLouLou 
Tattoo - Leopard spots - LightPekka 
Dress ( and appliers) - My press dressBoobielicious at Jersey shore (FBTH gift)
Gloves & bracelets - Dulce MeurteLouLou 
Nails - Perfect long nails - BlackMstyle 
Boots - Skrippa boots - RegAlterego