Friday, 2 November 2012

Me & the Pean

Ok, so I was unpacking stuffs, and  trying to get organised, when one of my Bff's IMed me to demand, (yes DEMAND!!) that I look at her new AO. Ugh attention seeking, right? Lololol

Sooooo I TPed her to mine, and watched her stand. . . and walk. . . . .and pose. . .and type. . . only it wasnt a normal Noob typing animation, Ohh nooo, not for the Pea. . . she didnt type, she did this throwing her arms up in the air like a loony on drugs. . . Ohhh how I lolled. . ....till she shouted at me :s

Anyway I couldnt get rid of her after that, and she gegged in on me piccy, so Ive made her tell me where she got all her stuffies, and blogged her ass!!
 So here it is:  Me, and the Blatter. . . . I apologise in advance lmao

Random quotes:  Pean Butt:  "Brooks? Ya mouth looks sad"
                          Pean Butt: "My eye looks gozzy"
                          Pean Butt: "My knickers are up me bum" **

**Ok that ones not true

Me (Left) :

Hair - Manon - Type A - Red amberD!va 
Earrings - Always earrings - Black @ Bens beauty at Jersey shore  (For FBTH) 
Top - Leopard rolled mini shirtEmporium at 60 Mesh Atelier 
Tattoo - Quoth the raven tattoo - Faded @ Tenjin at Jersey shore  (For FBTH) 
Ring - I <3 dick and diamonds ringLe Primitiv 
Nails - Long nails - Classic blackMstyle 
Belt - Belt sexyDelirium Style 
Jeans - Low unbuttoned jeans - Black - skinny Sakide 
Shoes - Sense - BlackN - Core 

Pean Butt (Right) :

Hair - Laine2 - EspressoTruth 
Necklaces/ Earrings /Bracelet - Wanderer - BlackLeague 
Dress - Sabrina - SandApple May Designs 
Nails - Clear french square - BeigeLove Soul 
Boots - Prestige - Black leatherBax 
Tattoo - *No longer available*