Thursday, 29 November 2012


Hello peeps!!

Well Ive had a bit of SL trouble today and last night. I was changing outfits, to blog some more GFW stuffehs, when my appearance wouldnt update, even though Id removed the alpha Id had on, and deleted it, I was still invisible in the mid part of my "body" - NOT a good look!! I relogged, and was a cloud from then onwards, no amount of rebaking, texture refreshing or relogging worked. I began to give up hope until the Firestorm blog advised to make a new folder of the basics (hairbase, shape, skin and eyes) right click it and replace outfit, and hooray - fixed!!

So Ive missed wednesdays second post, but I have pretties to show today anyhoo :o)
The sexy top is from Hollipocket, comes in a pack of 3, and is one of 4 colour packs at the Boobieshow.
The soooooo fkn cute butterfly jewellery is available in 3 different metals - black, silver, and bronze and comes seperately.
The skirt is a pack of 3 too, a black, a white and this greyscale.

Hair - Blame - Hud 03Magika 
Earrings / Necklace / Ring - Pretty Butterfly - SilverBens beauty 
Nose piercing - Rama - BlackLouLou 
Necklace & Bracelet - Study jewelleryApple May 
Top - Sweet pea top - Pinstripes - Set 4 Hollipocket at the Boobieshow 
Arm cuffs - MyrtilLouLou 
Arm tattoo - Retro - Black mediumPara designs 
Belly Piercing - PassionDirtyland 
Tummy tattoo - Doll face tattoo - FreshTenjin 
Skirt - Nuance skirt - Gradient black  @ Sakide 
Nails - Long nails - V2 - <3 Michael J - Ombre pack 2Mstyle