Sunday, 18 November 2012

Tango in the night

Ok, sooo we thought prim boobs had taken over the world right?? Well here comes their fiercer, hotter sister!! Mesh boobs, AKA Tango mesh boobs by Lolas.
Id only heard about them a few days ago, and thought "Ok lets see how we go, then Ill decide if i want to get em", but today I relented and purchased em, after the creator of Booblielicious posted a pic of hers, and immediately sent out the Tango appliers to her clothes. (Old Lolas appliers wont work with the new meshy Tango boobs)
Not only is  Boobie updating her clothes to accomodate, but also the gorgeous Hollipocket, and Toxx at AlterEgo are in the process of updating their clothes. . . . our boobs have never had it so good :D

I can honestly say, these boobs are amazing, faaarrr better than the prim version, as they're much more realistic, easier to match skins and have tons more options, like nipple type. Also some skin creators are bringing out skins to actually match the boobs!! Amazeballs :o))

Heres mine, in the updated version of the My Hotlace body from Boobielicious

Hair - Roma - I dont bleach @ Lelutka
Necklace - Tilly ethnic - Short 2 - Bleached @ Maxi Gossomer
Shrug - My cute shrug - Cream @ [EY:NO]
Boobs - Tango mesh breasts @ Lolas
Bodysuit - MY hotlace body - Black @ Boobielicious
Skirt - Glitter mini - Beige @ Eyelure
Boots - Radical - Suede Chamoisee @ Maitreya
Nails - Long nails - Classic - French @ Mstyle