Thursday, 13 December 2012

Aint no (S)aint

Yay!! Party dresses for the festive season :o)
These lil beautys come from Pink Sugar, and include appliers for prim and mesh bewbs. Totes sparkly gorgeousness \o/
The rings (as mentioned in earlier post) are on sale for only 55L - for each pack of 3 rings, theres 6 sets and at that price, ya should get em all!

Hair - Faint - Hud 03Magika 
Piercing - Dramatic piercing[EY:NO] 
Dresses - (S)aint - Glitzy raindowPink Sugar 
Gloves - Fishup nets - baby pink, lavendar & baby blue Hollipocket 
Rings - Melissa rings - Turquiose leather & purple leatherBens beauty at Fi*fridays 
Nails - Long nails - V2 - Princesses rule - Ombre pack 1 
Long nails - Classic - Purple 
Both nails @ Mstyle 
Shoes - Classic pumps - Baby blue & Lavendar Fanatik