Friday, 14 December 2012

Frosted Holli

Hello all!

The Frost event is in full swing, I went last night, got naked - took it allllll off, slapped on my full body alpha, and hit the sim. . . . . and  was currently logged out :o/  So I shall bide my time and go when its a bit less laggy.
In the meantime Im again able to show you some of the goodies on offer. These meshy applier friendly tops from La Hollipocket are a must grab! Available in packs of 2 (Im showing one of each pack here) with additional appliers for tangos, these are casual yet shexxy and a must have yesh?
 (Random side note - I LOVE how Holllipockets long sleeve tops have *Shock - horror!!* Long sleeves!! I hate sleeves that finish above the wrist, its a total pet peeve - please designers, include additional glove layers for long sleeves (if layer clothes), cos it looks crap otherwise, so kudos to Miss Holli for always having done so, and extra kudos for making mesh sleeves proper length too \o/ )

Hair - Valerie 2 - Rye Wasabi pills at Collabor88 
Earrings - Pretty butterfly earrings - BronzeBens beauty 
Tops - Cozy cute sweaters Lilac- set 2 & Barbie pink - set 5 Hollipocket at Frost 
Necklace - Pretty butterfly necklace - Bronze Bens beauty 
Tummy tattoo - Little bird tattoo - Fresh Tenjin 
Rings - Right hands - Melisa rings - Pink leather & purple leatherBens beauty at Fi*fridays 
Rings - Left hands - My pretty butterfly ringsBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - FrenchMstyle 
Jeans  - Tyra - Lowrise - Skinny - Bleached blue - 
Shoes - Shark 2 - WhiteN - Core