Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Happy (belated) Christmas

Hello all!

I know Im late saying this, and for that I do apologise, the run up to Christmas was really hectic, and I didnt have a minute to get near my computer :o/ But, I hope you all, every single one, had a truly magical Christmas.

Its so nice to be with family and friends that you havent seen for a while, and even if there's arguments over the tv remote or who had the last mince pie, even when the living room is full of cardboard boxes and wrapping paper, and even when Nanna has too much champers and falls asleep, snoring during the queens speech, come boxing day, you want to do it all over again :o) (We dont actually watch the Queens speech, and if we did, it wudda been ME asleep- but yaknow wot I mean)

New year is just around the corner, so Im busy getting ready for that, my blog entries maybe a lil sporadic during these holidays, and I may not be in SL very often but as soon as the schools are open, and everyones back at work, normal service will resume :o)

I didnt get to do a Christmas card this year, so Im going to share with you my kitten - Scamp, sleeping soundly and looking every bit as adorable as he is - not very festive, but My God is he handsome!!

So Happy holidays all, and see soon :o)