Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Leave me alone

Well, today I had nothing on, so I thought Id catch up on all my blogging, do a few posts, showing all I sooo want to show. . . . . but my family had other ideas. . .seriously, I shudda just closed the curtains and pretended I wasnt in :o/

Anyway, another Bewbapalooza offering today, this time from the lucious Hollipocket. Its available in 2 cute lil colours, a pale blue version, and this lil baby pinky. As ever, it looks mega cute without the breast appliers, if you so prefer.

Hair - Blame (Hud 03)Magika 
Necklace - Enigma - WhiteLouLou 
Bodysuit - Powder Puff - BubblegumHollipocket at Bewbapalooza 
Skirt - Nuance folded - WhiteSakide 
Ring (Left hand) - Cross ring (Tex change metal) Bens beauty 
Ring (right hand) -  Mesh pink bow @  Bens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Passion - Ombre 2 pack  @ Mstyle