Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Humps n bumps

Helloo lovely peoples!!

Its that time again, that smack-bang-in-the-middle-of-the-week-day that makes you groan and long for friday - or is that just me?? Anyway if you're like me - feelin' bleugh -  get ya asses down to Jersey shore for GFW, its what Wednesdays were invented for!

Shup Bish have another pack of gestures out for today, theres 5 wicked - previously unreleased gestures, that are mod and copy ok, so you can change the trigger (which is what I always do, it makes them easier to remember), or change the text. My faves of the pack are
﹤﹤﹤ イнᴀイ's Ѡнᴀイ І'ʍ イᴀւᴋiη' ɮoυイ!!! ﹥﹥﹥
which comes with a voice that just has to be heard, it made me lol
-.-    Ɗo∩'τ Ҷoυ Ġiⅿⅿiɛ ƬҺosɛ کφυi∩τу ⁅уɛs.
which Im garanteed to use lots cos my friends are  ALWAYS giving me those squinty eyes lol I dont know why!!!

The skirt in this piccy is up for GFW, and comes in a choice of 3 denim washes, and they each come with the belt attached.

Hair - Sassy 2 - Barbie w/roots - Fades packTruth 
Ears - See body tab - above
Hoop earrings - Edda - BlackBens beauty 
Forehead piercing - Benediction - Simple Ellabella 

Glasses -  Glitter eyewear by Crash republic 
Face piercing - Justice by UtopiaH 
Both @ Stuff in stock 

Cardi - Part of the Ribbon dot dress outfit366 days 
Top - Tango crop sweater - White @  Rack city     
Belly piercing - EmoDirtyland 
Skirt - Mini skirt - Black @ Even Flow at Jersey shore   (For GFW) 
Hip tattoo - Sister symbol - Fresh Tenjin at Jersey shore 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - french Mstyle 
Rings - Melissa - Black leatherBens beauty 
Boots - Radical - Black leather Maitreya 

Gestures - GFW Pack @ Shup bish at Jersey shore  (For GFW)