Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Ice cream sandwich

Ello again lovely ladies :o)

More perfect wardrobe goodies, just as I promised :o)

Its not often I go full on girly, but these dresses are just adorable, soo pretty, so feminine, and I just love em.
They come in packs of 2 ice cream colour sets, and I couldnt decide weather to show you one of each pack, or just one pack, soooooo I decided to show both colours in both packs :oD
Nothing much needs doing to these dresses, just pretty hair, shoes, and of course, sparkles :o)

Hair - Valerie - Vanilla puddingWasabi Pills 
Earrings - Asia earrings (Tex change stones) Bens beauty 
Dresses - Retro dresses - Tutti frutti & Strawberry avalanche[Yulicie] at perfect wardrobe 
Nails - Left pic - Long nails V2 - Princesses rule! - Ombre 1 pack 
Right pic - Perfect long nails - Classic - French
Both @ Mstyle 
Rings - Melissa rings - Pink leatherBens beauty 
Shoes - Poison - Bleu Ciel N - Core

Hair - Lewna - CandyPloom 
Earrings - As above 
Necklace - Square necklace (Tex change stones) @ Bens beauty  (New) 
Dresses - Retro dresses - Vanilla Choco & Vanilla flakes[Yulicie] at perfect wardrobe 
Bangles - Hoop mesh bracelets - GoldBens beauty 
Rings - Melissa Rings - Cream/gold Bens beauty 
Boots - Eclipse - Brown @ N - Core  (Past GG)