Monday, 7 January 2013

Summer fruits

Hello again lovely peoples!!
Gorgeous summer colours for this post \o/ 
These pretty mesh tops come in a pack of 3, from Eyelure and are sooo pretty and summery, which is just what we need for our january blues lol 
I also promised you more of the gorgeous Hollipocket jeans I introduced here the other day and I havent forgotten, how could I - they're my faves!   These ones all come in the pastels pack, theres 4 colours in the pack, and as they are mesh, they come in all the standard sizes. You wont want any other jeans when ya try these babies on :o) 

Hair - Steph - Infinity Alice project 
Piercing - Face piercing - 01Dirtyland 
Necklaces - Garbo graduated pumpkin beads Maxi Gossomer 
Tops - Soft satin topsEyelure 
Jeans - Sweetheart jeans - Set 4 - PastelsHollipocket 
Nails - Long nails - Classic -  FrenchMstyle 
Shoes - Destiny heels - WhiteSlink