Monday, 28 January 2013

You have my heart

Hello Loves!!

More goodies from Perfect Wardrobe today, theres just so much hawtness, I want to show it all! <3

We have some super sexy dresses by Rotten Defiance that come in 4 colours. Each colour comes with options to have a completely bare back, a sheer back, a solid back, and a solid colour clash back. Plus appliers for Tango bewbs included - gorgeoussssss!!
The jewellry set is also  for Perfect wardrobe, its from Pepper and includes the bracelet, rings and necklace, they are all resizeable, and copyable.

Plus, and this is a huuuuge plus - N-Core have done it again peeps. . .I didnt think they'd be able to surpass themselves, but OMG they have! The new range of mesh feet and shoes (just the one style of shoe for now - Hurry up N-Core bring us more!!) are absolutely faultless. Firstly, the look : The feet look so lifelike, with skin textures so real, and leather you could almost touch. But also, the hud - the little miricle you get with every pair- is where the magic is - to skin match all you have to do is wear, click, and a web page loads on your screen with the codes of lots of SLs best skins (more will be added). You click the brand, the name of skin, shade, and apply, and the skin on your shoes/feet will be applied straight away, no more messing, inputting RGB, just a couple of clicks and youre perfectly matched, no seems, no messing, just perfect. (I did have to edit my shoe every so slightly upwards to join the seem, but once done, its invisible). Perfectamungo N - Core, we love you!!

Hair - Bacardi - StrawberryLoQ 
Necklace/bracelet/rings - Valentine set @ Rotten defiance at Perfect wardrobe (PW)
Ring - Spiral ring - Silver  (Tex change stone)Bens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - RedMstyle 
Dresses - Heart on dresses - White & red @ Pepper at Perfect wardrobe  (PW) 
Back tattoo - Carpe diem - MediumPara designs 
Shoes - Diva - BlackN - Core