Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Cannonball run

Oooooh these lil dresses are a bit hot!! Theres a pack of 3 from Pink Sugar out for GFW, these 2 smexys, and a sparkly grey one too for just 49L - bargain alert!
Ive edited the top of the purple dress a bit to cover the old nipplage area lol, just to show how easy it is if you're more of the modest type.

Hair - Betty Jean - Washed outLamb 

Face piercing - Kathya - Purple 3 Anna 
(This was at the stuff in stock event, but as that round is over Ive provided the mainstore slurl) 

Earrings - Wish - GoldBens beauty at Fi*fridays  (New) 
(Available from friday) 

Tattoo (Inc appliers) - Kiss my body - Peaches 
Shrug - Shrug off jackets - Lavendar - Lace pack  
Both @ Hollipocket 

Necklace - Linda necklaceBens beauty 
Nipple peircings - Blocked nipplesUtopiaH 
Dresses - Cannonball @  Pink Sugar at Jersey Shore  (For GFW) 
Nails - Stylish nails - French textVirtual/Insanity 
Rings - Voyante - Plain Je Suis