Thursday, 28 February 2013

Its a cinch

Only a few more hours before WCF2 opens girls, and here I bring you more tasty goodness :o)

The tattoos are 2 seperate meshies, exclusive designs for WCF by Tenjin, they come in fresh and faded versions, and standard mesh sizing.
The dresses are available in 11 exclusive colours, and come with both a standard prim skirt and a mesh skirt part. Personally I love the mesh skirt parts, as they move with the body, and you dont have to adjust it at all \o/
The waist cincher and boots are attached as one item, and are available in 3 colours. They look hawt as hell with any dress, or indeedly, nothing under!

Hair - Heart - CandyPloom 
Eyes/piercing - Lapse - Aurora 
Chest piercing - Nebula - Panks 
Both @ Ellabella 
Collar - Bound - Black MambaLuck.Inc 
Tattoo - Left arm - Lily the pink - Faded (New) (Exclusive)
Tattoo - Right arm - Violet - Fresh (New) (Exclusive)
Both @ Tenjin at WCF2 
Dresses - Gina - Violet & Black - Snake pack @ Luck.Inc at WCF2  (New) (Exclusive) 
Waist cincher & boots - Tie me up, tie me down - Black @ Scrub at WCF2  (New) (Exclusive) 
Gloves/bracelets - Enigma - BlackLouLou 
Nails - Lace up nails @ Shock at WCF2   (New) (Exclusive) 
Ring -  Athena solitaire ring @ Bens beauty  (New)